ALERT: Congressman Predicts ‘Civil War’ If Republicans Take Control

(Republican Insider) – A member of the radical left’s “Squad” has predicted that if the GOP takes over the House in the midterms later this year, it would “embolden” far-right extremists and white nationals who “have been pushing” for “civil war.”

The left has truly become the tinfoil hat party, which is something they used to accuse conservatives of being all the time. Now it is the Democratic Party who espouses conspiracy theories in an attempt to make all Republicans look like mustache-twirling Bond villains set on taking over the world.

“Rep. Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y., said in an interview with the MSNBC show ‘The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross’ that if Republicans regain the majority, they will shut down the Jan. 6 probe, suppress the committee’s findings and ‘impeach President Biden as quickly as possible, and they will continue to find ways to impeach him going forward,'” WND said.

“It would also embolden Republicans and the far right, and white nationalists across the country to begin to believe that it is their time to not just take power in the House, but the Senate, the White House and statehouses across the country,” the congressman went on to say.

“We’ve got to understand that this is a group that has been radicalized by the great replacement myth and many other things, and have been pushing for violence and pushing for even civil war. So that is what’s at stake right now in terms of this election,” he continued.

“Our democracy is hanging by a thread,” Bowman added with more than a touch of dramatics.

“And black and brown people – our lives are in the balance if these people come back into power,” he said.

The man acts like we are living back in the days of Jim Crow laws and radical racists lynching black people in the streets. No such things are happening right now. This narrative is being blown out of proportion by the radical left as a means of creating further division among the American people.

It’s much, much easier to take over a nation divided, than one that is unified.

“The New York Post cited an April survey by the Southern Poverty Law Center that found 44% of Americans believe the U.S. ‘seems headed toward a civil war in the near future,'” the WND report said.

The poll, which surveyed 1,500 Americans, discovered that 53 percent of Republicans agree that the United States is headed toward a civil war, along with 39 percent of Democrats.

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