ALERT: House Republicans Are Gearing Up To Impeach A Key Biden Administration Official

(Republican Insider) – Joe Biden and his regime have made an absolute disaster out of the illegal immigration issue. Republicans in Congress have been speaking on behalf of the American people when they have expressed displeasure, frustration and anger over the on-going border crisis that the regime does not seem even remotely interested in addressing.

On day 1 of his fraudulent regime, Biden went to work quickly reversing and canceling all of the policies President Trump had implemented with success. The border had never been more secure than it was under Trump and it took all of one day for Biden and the radical left to completely undo it all.

Record numbers of illegal aliens have flooded across our border in the days since and things are only expected to get worse.

House Republicans have had enough. The Republican Study Committee, which represents more than 150 members, is going after the very man whose responsibility it is to secure our nation’s border and control immigration under Biden.

The group is reportedly laying the groundwork to impeach the inept Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, according to Axios.

The report claims that an RSC member has said that “many” on the committee already want to see him impeached.

Mayorkas is set to testify before the House Judiciary Committee for the first time this week and he’s expected to face a barrage of questions from Republicans regarding the abysmal state of affairs along the southern border.

GOP members of Congress have already started the process to impeach Mayorkas. There’s likely not much he could possibly say during his appearance before the Judiciary Committee that would make anyone change their minds about him and his horrible job performance.

On Monday, 133 House Members — led by RSC Chairman Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana and Texas Rep. Brian Babin — sent a letter to Mayorkas accusing him of unlawful approaches to immigration and security that have failed to keep the US safe and only brought more danger to this country.

“Your actions have willingly endangered American citizens and undermined the rule of law and our nation’s sovereignty. Your failure to secure the border and enforce the laws passed by Congress raises grave questions about your suitability for office,” the letter read.

“Current law requires you to maintain operational control of the southern border and detain illegal aliens,” the Republicans wrote. “You continue to fail to do so. This raises significant questions about your commitment to securing our Homeland and the oath you took when taking office.”

That same day, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA) indicated impeachment was already on the table for Mayorkas.

“This is his moment in time to do his job. But at any time if someone is derelict in their job, there is always the option of impeaching somebody,” McCarthy said during a news conference from Eagle Pass, Texas.

“But right now, he’s got 30 days. His first response to us should be, ‘We should not lift Title 42,’” McCarthy said. “They’re not prepared to protect, and we cannot sustain what will happen to this nation.”

However, Axios quoted “a source familiar with the group’s discussions” as saying McCarthy favors “a more restrained approach to impeachment.”

The source said the minority leader “wants to make the case before we go for the jugular.”

It seems that the case has been made, however, considering the unprecedented number of illegal aliens that have poured into our country and Mayorkas unwillingness to put a stop to it.

Should Republicans successfully impeach Mayorkas, he would be only the second member of a president’s cabinet to be impeached.

It’s time for someone in the Biden regime to be held accountable.

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