ALERT: Leftists Plot To Punish NY Restaurant For Serving Unvaxxed Sarah Palin

(Republican Insider) – Radical leftists and those who are living their lives paralyzed by fear of COVID-19 are once again throwing hissy fits after an announcement was made that a restaurant in New York City will not be facing any sort of punishment for allowing an unvaccinated individual to dine indoors.

According to the Western Journal, a report from The New York Times was published on Monday that accused Elio’s restaurant in New York of allowing former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to eat indoors Saturday evening, despite the fact she is unvaccinated.

The decision by the restaurant is in full contradiction with a mandate in the city that requires all indoor businesses to check the vaccination status of every single one of its customers. Gee, checking for papers, eh? Sounds like something that would’ve made Uncle Adolf proud.

To make the situation worse, the Times went on to report that the former governor tested positive for the coronavirus on Monday, which just threw gasoline on the fire and amped up the attacks on the restaurant by the left.

“Elio’s manager, Luca Guaitolini, indicated to the Times that the Italian restaurant was not trying to make a statement against the mandate, but instead just ‘made a mistake,'” the report said.

“She probably just walked in and strolled over [to the table],” Guaitolini went on to say. “We are trying to get to the bottom of this.”

Regardless of whether or not the move was a mistake, liberals have been demanding that the restaurant face consequences failing to enforce the mandate.

“The NYC restaurant where Sarah Palin dined has now notified customers they’ve been exposed to Covid and that staff would get tested too,” one Twitter user said in a post. “Shouldn’t a fine be issued to the restaurant for violating Covid protocols?”

“The user tagged NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and MSNBC reporters Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid in an apparent attempt to bring punishment on the restaurant,” the WJ report stated.

“Another user commented to suggest the restaurant was lying and should be held responsible for exposing people to ‘a potentially lethal virus,'” the report noted. Guess this person missed the data that shows this is an illness with a 99 percent survival rate.

“In a subsequent article, The New York Times reported Elio’s would not face punishment from the city for failing to enforce the vaccine requirement. An anonymous city spokesperson told The Times many agencies would not enforce penalties against businesses unless the violation was witnessed by a city inspector,” the report added.

Priya Krishna wrote the article and the tone of one of her tweets seems to suggest that she believes the restaurant should at least be fined for what happened.

“Sarah Palin tested positive for Covid after dining indoors,” Krishna stated. “The city won’t investigate the restaurant for admitting an unvaccinated diner, which is against city rules and can carry fines of up to $5,000.”

The New York Times as a publication never took a stance concerning what happened at Elio’s, but the tweet makes it clear that Krishna is in full support of the restaurant being punished for letting Palin slip through without being checked and would like the city to investigate the incident.

“Other Twitter users were less vague and laid their frustrations bare after the Times reported the restaurant would not face consequences. Many commenters said the restaurant should have been fined or even had its liquor license revoked,” the report noted.

People get sick. That’s been the case for years and years before COVID. We never used to stop our economy or freak out on our neighbors and family for being ill. Until now.

The radical leftist element that controls the mainstream media has been pumping fear on a nonstop basis ever since the pandemic started, causing folks to live in a constant state of panic over an illness they will most likely survive.

People are willingly giving up their freedom for the false sense of security the government promises them through a vaccine. A vaccine that still doesn’t prevent you from getting the illness. Or spreading it. Or even being hospitalized with it.

Tragic times for our nation, folks.

Copyright 2022.

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