ALERT: Sarah Palin Hints At Making A Major Return To Political Office

(Republican Insider) – Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, and former running mate of Sen. John McCain in the 2008 presidential election, told Newsmax that she would consider replacing Alaska Rep. Don Young in the US House of Representatives after his passing on Friday.

Young was the oldest member of both the House and Senate at age 88 and is set to lie in state in the Capitol on March 29.

“If I were asked to serve in the House and take his place, I would be humbled and honored,” Palin told host Eric Bolling. “In a heartbeat, I would. We will see how this process goes in filling that seat — it would be an honor.”

The US could use someone like Palin in Washington. She has never shied away from calling out the DC swamp creatures and always stands on the side of truth and freedom.

During her interview with Bolling she proved exactly why America needs her in Washington. She slammed the Biden regime for attempting to blame others for surging gas prices “because of their lack of education or purposeful destruction of so many sectors of the economy.”

“Some people, certainly not in the White House, are aware of what petroleum products are, what transportation costs affect when it comes to supply chain. [But] because of their lack of education or purposeful destruction of so many sectors of the economy — they certainly look to blame somebody else,” she told Bolling on his show, “The Balance.”

Joe Biden, along with the entire Democratic Party, have most recently blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine for the surges and has also blamed oil companies’ supposed greed, along with COVID-19.

It’s literally everyone’s fault but Joe Biden’s.

Gas prices reached an all-time high last Monday with a national average of $4.33, according to AAA. In California, Nevada, and Hawaii it reached $5.

The average price for a regular gallon of gas is $4.25, 72 cents more than a month ago, and $1.37 higher than this time last year. California leads the nation at nearly $5.85 per gallon.

The national average could hit $5-$6 per gallon all summer, Scott Shelton, an energy specialist at commodity investment broker ICAP, told Fortune, “with diesel prices even higher.”

Palin called out the Biden White House for wanting to distract the American people “as usual” instead of addressing the problem.

“I think it’s comical,” she added.

“Americans do not believe at all when [White House press secretary] Jen Psaki and the president try to point the finger at another world leader for the economic problems we’re having because of their policies shutting down our own development of the God-given resources we have untapped in America.”

The absurd gas prices are a direct result of Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime and it’s all intentional.

They have made no secret of their agenda to force everyone to switch to electric vehicles in the name of “saving the planet.” Electric vehicles are far from cleaner or more sustainable.

They do, however, give tons of business to China and could be controlled by the federal government should they decide to implement a social credit scoring system.

It’s always been about control. Right down to the gas prices.

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