Anti-Israel Protester Claims School Made Her ‘Homeless,’ But Photos Of First-Class Flights Tell A Different Story

(Republican Insider) – If there’s one character trait that has come to define young liberals, especially those involved in the pro-Hamas protests that have taken place on college campuses all over our country, it’s entitlement. Thanks to progressive indoctrination that begins at practically the moment of birth, many of these individuals believe the world owes them a nice, easy life.

A good example of this mindset is what happened on the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles, where protesters did more than disrupt the educational process for other students — who are paying through the nose for their classes and books — they wanted to be rewarded for their behavior too, going so far as to make demands for home cooked vegan meals and skincare products to be brought to them while they were demonstrating.

“And then there was Eliana Atienza, a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania, who turned her justified suspension from the Ivy League school in Philadelphia into a tragic tale of homelessness and ‘administrative violence,'” The Western Journal reported.

“Atienza said she was a victim of ‘administrative violence’ after being placed on mandatory leave for organizing an illegal pro-Hamas encampment on campus. The international student from the Philippines claimed she was made ‘houseless’ by the disciplinary action, with no family in the United States to turn to,” the piece continued. Atienza had a conversation with The Philadelphia Inquirer where she shared her story.

She told the publication, “I’m the only one made homeless by this,” saying that she was forced to stay with friends because she didn’t have any relatives to turn to.

Atienza declared in a social media post, “I live on campus. The university has barred me from entering. In other words — the university has made me houseless.”

And then the other shoe dropped and the truth about Atienza was revealed. Her dear daddy, Kim Atienza, is a well known Filipino celebrity who goes by the name “Kuya Kim” and is a host for the country’s most popular television programs and game shows.

The young woman’s grandfather is a prominent political figure who has served in the office of deputy speaker for the Philippines House of Representatives until recently making a run for the vice presidency.

Oh and her mom is a graduate of Penn’s Wharton School and helped to found a very elite private school for K-12 students in the city of Manila.

“In a recent Instagram post, Atienza’s father shared photos from a first-class flight featuring lavish amenities like caviar service and a private onboard shower suite,” the WJ article noted.

You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t have much sympathy for Atienza given the fact she comes from a family that likely has a lot of money and connections. Other students, those actually trying to get an education, have to work several jobs in order to pay for their courses and other related supplies. Atienza wouldn’t understand that kind of struggle.

Her father “has even opened the doors of his luxurious home to television audiences, providing guided tours that showcase his valuable collections, which include rare dinosaur egg fossils, mid-century modern furniture designs and vintage BMW motorcycles used during World War II, the Free Beacon reported,” the article read.

“Eliana Atienza was a leader of the ‘Gaza Solidarity Encampment’ on campus. After failed negotiations with the university’s interim president to end the illegal encampment, police cleared the demonstrators from campus. In addition to her anti-Israel activism, Atienza belongs to another student group called, no surprise here, ‘Fossil Free Penn.’ After the Hamas terror attack on Israel on Oct. 7, that group co-signed a statement blaming Israel’s “settler colonial regime” and expressing ‘solidarity with the Palestinian resistance,'” the publication stated.

Last week on ‘Gutfeld,’ Fox News personality Greg Gutfeld spoke about Atienza saying, “It feels like we’re indulging a certain class of … women into believing that ‘victim’ is a proper identity. ‘It’s like we’re creating ‘The Real Housewives of Hamas.’”

Photos posted on social media show that Atienza took a rather costly trip to Antarctica earlier this year. Again, she has means and connections so there’s nothing stopping her from getting a hotel room after getting booted from the dorms.

The author of the WJ report wrote what we’re all thinking, “Instead of taking advantage of her expensive education in a host country, the poor little rich girl thought she had the right to disrupt the education of students whose parents might have made sacrifices to help them achieve their dreams.”

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