Anti-Trumper Fiona Hill Warns ‘Open Civil War’ Possible If Trump Elected In 2024

(Republican Insider) – Fiona Hill, an anti-Trump Democratic Party operative, recently stated that if Donald Trump ends up reelected to the presidency in 2024, it will result in a second American civil war.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another example of just how melodramatic the left is and how they rely on emotional manipulation as a means of getting people to side with them on issues of the day. And the primary weapon they use to accomplish this manipulation is fear.

According to Infowars, Hill, who is a former Russia expert at the National Security Council, and has connections with George Soros, and who was a witness during the first impeachment trial against Trump, made her fear mongering statements during an interview on PBS Sunday.

“What I mean by that is that he is basically trying to come back again on the basis of a lie. He has repudiated the outcome of the 2020 election, and yet he’s expecting, you know, to be reelected in 2024. So that is the main thesis, that’s the main propelling force behind his bid for reelection,” Hill stated during the interview.

“So just that basic fact of how he is campaigning is in itself a massive problem because he is rejecting the democratic system and the outcome of the 2020 election,” Hill, who is currently working as a senior fellow at the left-leaning Brookings Institute, went on to say.

Hill went on an extremely long-winded rant that characterized GOP efforts to put Voter ID laws in place as “trying to stop fellow Americans from voting.”

“This will be on the basis of a minority rule because we are already seeing in key states, swing states, that there are efforts being made by Republican political leaders to constrain the votes of people who are not Republicans,” Hill continued.

No, we’re not trying to stop Americans from being able to vote. We’re trying to prevent all of the illegal aliens and other individuals the left uses to win elections from being able to vote, as they do not have a say in choosing our leadership since they are not citizens. Pretty simple to understand really.

Hill then argued that the Electoral College is basically “minority rule” because the popular vote isn’t what decides the winner of the presidential election. She then went on to compare the U.S. election system to the one in Russia.

“And again, look, I’m not a partisan person. I find it very painful to have to call this out. But there is one political party here that is trying to stop fellow Americans from voting. You know, every system that you see where there is a minority rule is deeply unstable. I mean, we know that in, you know, Russia, for example, that’s essentially what Putin has done because there’s been suppression of the vote preventing people from going out and voting who would probably vote for the opposition. A really depressed turnout,” she said.

“And at this point, Putin is not ruling on the basis of the majority of the population, and we’ve seen that in many other settings as well and again, this is inherently unstable and really has an awful lot of risks for the future of the United States. So it might be legally legitimate, so there’s a legitimacy in the legality, as you said, in the Electoral College,” Hill added.

Hill then said that if Trump gets reelected through the Electoral College, that means he’s not a legitimate president, despite the Constitution saying otherwise.

“But it will be seen in the eyes of all of those who, you know, vote and their votes are counted through the popular votes as inherently, deeply illegitimate. And we then are setting ourselves for even more violence. If people feel that their voices are no longer heard through the ballot box and they have to take to the streets then we end up in, you know, the potential of an open civil war,” Hill commented.

“We’re already, in my view, in a cold civil war. We have periodic eruptions of violence and people are now seeing that the ballot box, and Trump has been telling them that, the ballot box is not fair. You know, kind of, your vote doesn’t count. Well, that will kind of be the, also, the message to, you know, the majority of people who won’t vote for him in 2024,” Hill stated.

Hill is calling on those who did not vote for Trump not to recognize his victory if he should win in 2024 during a fair and secure election cycle, which would be the total opposite of the farce that took place in 2020 which was clearly rigged to ensure that Biden was made president.

These folks are already working on yet another coup for Trump before he’s even had a chance to start campaigning. It’s amazing how much these folks hate this man and those who support him.

“The irony lost on her is that her rhetoric is in many ways no different than that of the man she clearly loathes. It’s just as hyperbolic, just as incendiary and just as devoid of facts. She doesn’t recognize this though because she’s so certain of the nobleness of the ideas that she and other clear-cut leftists tout,” a report from BizPacReview said.

“Like left-wing comedian Bill Maher, a man who lives in a fantasy world where all Republicans are gun-toting maniacs who “hate” and want to kill Democrats, Hill appears to have an uncanny talent for being able to manifest the very evil that she accuses others of embodying,” the report continued.

That is totally accurate.

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  1. Ms.Hill should understand that here in the US, we vote through the Electoral College. If she doesn’t like it here, she can go back from where she came. She claims not to be partisan but she surte sounds like one.

  2. If America has not started a “civil war” under Biden, I think we are pretty stable. BUT if she approved of all the stupidity of Biden & his “buddies” SHE sure has her head in the sand !!! We as Americans are in a nightmare with an idiot serving as a face for Obama, China and Soros……NOTHING BIDEN HAS DONE SINCE DAY ONE HAS BEEN A BENEFIT TO AMERICA !!!!

  3. “not ruling on the basis of the majority of the population”… to this lunatic, what do you think we have now? 2020, dead people, unverified address’s, out of state/county, double counts, lost ballots, ballots not being counted, etc. Now you have the dems claiming the blacks in Georgia are too stupid to get a ID card to vote and call the repubs suppressing the vote when in Texas they passed a voter ID card requirement and minority vote increased. Most major Cities ran by dems-responsible for the purse strings, economic development, education, etc and the repubs are suppressing the vote. Courts would not here any of the suits brought by repubs WHY? Election integrity is GONE because of what the dems did in 2020

  4. I will simply say that if civil war breaks out, the dems are not going to like the end result. I for one will not allow a single democratic to remain in my country even after they try and surrender from the mass slaughter that they initiate. They have muss for brains if they think we will roll over for them. Very wrong mind set.


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