Arizona Senate Set To Adjourn Before Audit Results Released; Won’t Be Reconvened Until 2022

(Republican Insider) – The Arizona Legislature is close to shutting down for the year and going home until January 2022, which means they will be leaving their posts before the audit being done in their state is completed and the report produced, thus meaning that legislation will not be able to be created.

According to Gateway Pundit, if the AZ Senate doesn’t do something to delay the end of the session, it will be impossible to create new election laws until the next session in 2022. If the report reveals that there definitely was fraud committed in Maricopa County, the legislature will not be able to consider withdrawing its electors.

Arizona Sen. Kelly Townsend recently posted a tweet about this issue after OAN reporter Christina Bobb reported that “the Arizona Legislature will need to carefully consider withdrawing their electors.”

So, unless Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey takes steps to call a special session, legislatures will go home until January and there won’t be a single bit of action taken to rectify the situation if the audit proves there is voter fraud that happened during the 2020 election.

Sen. Kelly spoke with Jordan Conradson of the Gateway Pundit, saying, “We normally go home in early May. However, this is not a normal year because we are still in a state of emergency and the audit is still underway. I cannot support going home under these circumstances. We saw last year that it is problematic for the Legislature not to be at the table while dictates are being issued.”

Arizona’s Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has recently refused to do anything with a petition that has come in calling for the recall of AZ Speaker Bowers, which may or may not be tied to this whole thing about the Legislature dismissing for the rest of the year.

A group known as America Restored stated in a recent message, “America Restored reported in a press release today that the Arizona Patriot Party with the support of America Restored coalition partners, collected and turned in 24,551 signatures to the Arizona Secretary of State yesterday to recall Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, which was 10% over the 22,331 signatures required.”

“That afternoon the Arizona Secretary of State office notified the recall applicant and the filing committee chairperson, Arizona Patriot Party President Steve Daniels that their office was rejecting all 24,551 signatures,” the report continues.

“The people have spoken,” President of the Arizona Patriot Party Steve Daniels went on to say, “but they continue to silence our voices.”

“Daniels said what they accomplished was unmatched given the resistance that they faced during the process. Daniels was recently arrested for trespassing at a Chandler School Board meeting among a crowd of over a hundred protesters, which Daniels believes was ‘politically motivated,'” the message continued.

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  1. Sounds to me like the Arizona Legislature has it easy. I mean they don’t work for a large part of the year but get paid to work all year long. The last I saw they report is supposed to take up to 8 weeks which means either they will close up the first of July or August first either way that is a lot of time off for people who did not do such a good job when it came to the Election. Waiting till 2022 will only cause more doubt in the Election in Arizona.

  2. Do the people of Arizona need for it to jump out and bite them in the A—. The fraud and corruption is so obvious and the perpetrators are even trying to hide anything else. I live in Tn. But if I lived there I would start a fight to stop them from dropping the investigation until 2022, and losing what progress they have made. It is not quitting time yet. It’s as bad or worse than Ga.’s election.

  3. Praying that someone with integrity will step up and do the right thing and continue the work. If they are being paid, then they should do the work. Where are those with character and the will and means to do what is right. Stay and fight.


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