ALERT: AZ State Senator Demands Biden Electors Be Recalled To Her State And New Election Held Following Thursday’s Shocking Audit Revelations

(Republican Insider) – A recent hearing held by the Arizona Senate revealed some shocking findings by Cyber Ninjas, the group tasked with auditing the results from the 2020 presidential election which has ignited a fire under one senator’s seat.

A new report from Gateway Pundit says that the audit team went on to announce that a whopping 74,000 ballots were received and then counted as part of the 2020 election in Maricopa County than were actually mailed out.

Doug Logan not only revealed this staggering information, but also highlighted other issues that have already been identified during the company’s work.

They found 74,234 mail-in ballots that have no clear record of ever being sent through the mail. Along with this, ballots were counted that were not on the proper paper stock and were not in proper printing alignment. Some of the ballots were marked with Sharpie pens which then bled through to the other side of the paper.

Not long after the explosive findings were revealed in the hearing, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers called on the state to recall the Biden electors and redo the election.

“It was during a Senate hearing to listen to the auditors, from Cyber Ninjas, the company hired for the review, which revealed that, according to election records, more mail-in ballots were counted than were mailed out,” a report from WND noted.

“Officials from Cyber Ninjas also said there were 3,981 people who voted who were registered to vote after an Oct. 15 deadline, there were 11,326 people who voted who were not on the rolls on Nov. 7, but were on Dec. 4, and some 18,000 voted, but were removed from the rolls after the election,” the report added.

“As a result, Senate President Karen Fann said the Legislature needs more information from the county to determine exactly what happened in the state, which Joe Biden won by only about 10,000 votes last November,” it continued.

At the end of the day, this is further evidence that leftists likely rigged the election in key battleground states around the nation as a means of ensuring President Donald Trump was cheated out of a second term and that the voices of the people were silenced by those who are starving for more political power.

These people want to destroy our way of life and resurrect America in the image of Marx. We cannot allow that to happen. Every state needs to have a forensic audit so we can determine whether or not this election was truly stolen. Most of us already know the answer to that, but we need the proof in order to unravel the whole mystery and ensure people are punished for their crimes.

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  1. If you did it legally, there should be nothing to worry about. However, my bet is that Donald Trump was defrauded this way (out of being the Legitimate Winner for President) in ALL 50 States & this means Poor old “Dementia Joe” needs to step down & return to his care home and shut the Hell up! He’s already considered as THEE WORST “president’ in History and needs his ass & Kameltoe’s booted out of office ASAP! I would be extremely embarrassed if I were you. Your ‘party’ DID THIS and EVERYONE WHO WAS COMPLICIT IN THIS FRAUD ON THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA NEEDS TO BE IN JAIL! IF THIS WAS THE OTHER WAY AROUND YOU WOULD BE REALLY UPSET TOO! ALL AMERICANS SHOULD BE DEMANDING THESE BASTARDS (ALL OF THEM) BE JAILED FOR LIFE OR HUNG FOR TREASON!

  2. Wow! Hard to believe anyone would admit to voting for these two clowns, now after seeing what a total communist, liar, un-American and traitor Joe and Hoe really are….?


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