AstraZeneca CEO Drops Bombshell: ‘Millions Of People Can’t Be Vaccinated’

(Republican Insider) – Project Veritas released a never-before-heard recording on Tuesday that reveals AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot admitting in a Zoom call from 2020 that many individuals who are immunocompromised should not get the company’s coronavirus vaccine.

“If you have an immune disease, lupus or some other immune condition, you cannot – or multiple sclerosis, you can’t be vaccinated,” Soriot went on to say in the clip. “So, there are millions of people in the world that will need a protection that cannot be coming from a vaccine.”

According to Infowars, the CEO promoted monoclonal antibodies during the time, going on to tell his staff, “the longer antibody has enormous potential.”

Going on to further describe the monoclonal antibodies, Soriot went on to say that, “The CEO actually promoted monoclonal antibodies at the time, telling his staff, “The longer antibody has enormous potential.”

James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, points out in the video that monoclonal antibodies were already known to be very effective in dealing with COVID early on in the pandemic.

The Biden administration decided to make life difficult for states like Texas and Florida to try and get these treatments during the height of the pandemic so that vaccines would be what was promoted instead of monoclonal antibodies.

“Despite the company’s CEO acknowledging the shot is dangerous for certain people, the World Health Organization currently maintains, ‘the full two dose regimen of’ the AstraZeneca vaccine is recommended,” the Infowars report said.

The WHO advisory then stated, “SAGE [Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization] recommends that severe and moderately immunocompromised persons should be offered an additional dose of vaccine.”

“According to the Big Pharma CEO, the WHO is basically telling those who are at a higher risk of having an adverse reaction that they should take an extra dose of the experimental jabs,” the report concluded.

At the end of the day, this just backs up what so many of us have been trying to say for a long, long time now. The reason the vaccine was pushed so hard had nothing to do with helping people avoid the virus. It was all about money.

Pharmaceutical companies realized how easily they could line their pockets with the coronavirus vaccine and seized the opportunity to make themselves rich, despite the fact doing so could result in people being seriously injured from taking the jab.

We need to have some sort of accountability for those who participated in such a heinous act. Hopefully, over time, that’s exactly what will happen. Otherwise, what’s to stop this kind of thing from happening every decade or so?

It’s terrible that we live in this kind of world, but for those elites in power, our existence is to provide them with the lifestyle they crave and nothing more.

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