Australian News Reporter Runs Segment On Joe Biden’s Dementia, Calls Out “Poisonous” US Media… This Is Incredible!

(Republican Insider) – Joe Biden is clearly suffering from dementia. This has been no secret since he began his campaign for the presidency.

His mental decline has been painfully obvious to anyone watching. The problem is not that Democrats don’t see it or recognize it, it’s that they are covering it up.

No one can deny that something is just not right with Joe Biden. Now that he’s in the White House it’s becoming more and more clear that this man is not fit to hold the nation’s highest office.

While the crooked left-wing media thinks they’re really doing a good job protecting Biden and covering up his obvious mental issues, the rest of the world is watching and can see exactly what’s going on.

Australian reporter Cory Bernardi has become the first mainstream media host to give a full report on Joe Biden’s obvious dementia. In his scathing report he called out America’s corrupt media for their role in promoting Biden and covering for him.

On Friday, Bernardi reported on Sky News that the “hatred of Donald Trump by the partisan and poisonous mainstream media” was so fervent and blinding “that they chose not to highlight anything that may have derailed a Biden victory.”

Bernardi added that “Even now after he’s been sworn in many are still refusing to speak the truth.”

The truth is that everyone in America has noticed Joe Biden’s cognitive decline and the media’s blatant covering up of it. Their pandering to his campaign did nothing to ensure his victory. It was the fraud and corruption in the 2020 election that did that.

Nonetheless, the media is not willing to report on Joe Biden in any kind of negative light, even if it’s the obvious truth.

Bernardi was totally spot-on with his observations and commentary. He pointed out that “Never before has the leader of the free world been so cognitively compromised.”

A sad, sad reality for the US and the world. He also talked about how Joe Biden spent the entire weekend last weekend on vacation at Camp David because he “apparently” didn’t have any official duties.

Mind you, Kamala Harris was busy taking calls from foreign leaders in his place, something that is totally unheard of for the VP to be doing. Just another sign that something is not right with Dementia Joe.

Bernardi went on to discuss the recent town hall Biden did with CNN’s “Bidenista” Anderson Cooper in which he told lie after lie, made racist remarks, and acted confused at times.

Bernardi called the town hall “sanitised” and noted that Biden gave up his teleprompter which only resulted in a “disaster” that was “littered with total falsehoods.”

A disaster it was. Biden clearly implied that blacks, Hispanics, and country folk just aren’t smart enough or capable enough to figure out how to use the newfangled internet. Literally, nearly everyone in America has a smart phone in 2021. No one is unsure of how to get on the internet.

Biden has no problem degrading minorities, though, which he has demonstrated time and time again.

Later in the town hall Biden told Cooper that there was no vaccine when he took office, a blatant lie. Joe Biden received the vaccine before taking office. Either he’s lying or he is just that far gone. Nonetheless, Cooper couldn’t be bothered to point out Biden’s erroneous statement.

Bernardi pointed out, “It’s all rather pathetic, but even usually smart people are blinded by the nonsense put out by the mainstream media. They believe every perceived sin of Donald Trump while they seem intent on canonizing St. Joe.”


Joe Biden can do no wrong. Orange man bad. The charade continues on in America.

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    • We all new that if he got elected this would happen the hatred here for Trump in my 75yrs I have never seen, he has done nothing but fight for this country and its citizens I am a Trump supporter I felt safe when he was in office, I am so terrified with Biden who is not really running the country but Harris. I love America but feel that we are going backwards since Trump left

  1. It is so sadly obvious that the “agenda” is not for the good of the American people but to further the cause of the Deep State. We went from the best president – who put America and its people first – to the embarrassment that is now the current president.

  2. It’s been so obvious all along. Their party supported and funded the riots throughout last year. They supported and funded the attack on the capitol, with every intention of blaming the REAL president. The china-owned social media blocked every truth from the American people. They planned, and carried out all of the millions of fraudulent votes. (think about it, why in Gods name would criminal hillary mouth off that quid quo pro joe shouldn’t concede at any point?!) Simple answer, she was in the loop that those china printed ballots would be imported once they realized how badly creepy joe was being dusted! they say “if you’re gonna lie, at least be good at it!”. I’ve guessed from day one that the dems even conspired with china to bring the virus here. Oh’ yeah, then they outlawed hydroxychloroquine because it certainly was being proven to be a cure! they WANTED the virus here and WANTED people to die….just so they could blame our REAL President! These criminals are now running our country!!

  3. Why has no one asked about the Democrat war games going down before the election. Me thinks those games incited the riot to quell the discussion of voter fraud.

  4. It is obvious what is going on…..The Puppet Masters have complete control over Biden and have him signing every thing they put in front of him. This in their demented sick minds makes it easier to blame all the disasters due to the Executive Orders on Biden and gives them cover for having him removed. It is than Queen Harris can come to the rescue in the minds of those sheep who are gullible enough to believe EVERYTHING the Corrupt MSM spews!!!!

  5. Unfortunately the Deep State and the swamp are much deeper than we initially thought. Four years of an honest, America loving President was simply not enough time. Like everyone else, I am left wondering what can we do to right this wrong?

  6. We need to go back to our constitution and have the states take back control of our government. The federal government was never supposed to be this massive monster controlling the people. We, the people need to stop paying to the federal mess and say no to the executive orders, no to tax increases without our agreement, have our states pull together and they govern their people just as the constitution intended. If we don’t like how our state is governing we can better work to change things there or move to another state. The feds have too much power, are accountable to no one and are downright criminals lining there pockets at the expense of the American people. If we work with our states and go back to the constitution we can eliminate government control and the huge tax dollars going out of the country or into democrats and rhinos pockets.

    • Yes, it’s called the Convention of States , Article 5 of our Constitution. It is in the process by the COS team (convention of states) to be passed in the States legislatures, contact your state senators and tell them you support the COS, also look up the Convention of States on the internet and join the team so we can stop this mess!

  7. We obviously know that the Deep State is controlling the movement of Joe”s mouth. And it is definitely hard to believe that there were enough stupid people in the United States for Biden to beat Trump. That is not saying that Trump was and angel because he doesn’t seem to know when to shut his mouth but the job he did was clearly exceptional. Ms. Pelosi is clearly a member of the Deep State otherwise how would she be able to say with confidence that Trump would never be re elected. I know there was fraud during the election. There is during every election. The question is whether there was enough to get Biden the win. As I said above it is hard to believe there are that many stupid people in the United States. Now look at them complaining about the things that Trump did that Biden is undoing.


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