AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers Makes SHOCK Announcement: “DECERTIFY NOW — RECALL THE ELECTORS” AG Brnovich MUST INDICT Supervisors

(Republican Insider) – Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers is currently leading the fight in the state to decertify the 2020 presidential election results after the forensic audit of ballots in Maricopa County has yielded serious evidence that the election was rigged and stolen from not only President Donald Trump, but from the American people as a whole.

According to a report published on Gateway Pundit, Rogers took to social media platform Twitter to create a post that shared her bottom line on this issue and the developments that have surfaced.

“There’s a lot of noise out there. Here is the bottom line: DECERTIFY NOW – RECALL THE ELECTORS. Arizona’s certification was clearly not accurate,” she said.

During a Senate audit hearing that took place on July 15, the team involved in the project revealed some shocking, though not surprising, information concerning findings and ended up requesting action from Maricopa County. The county responded to this request with a complete lack of interest in cooperating.

The evidence indicates that Maricopa County violated some very serious and critical security procedures that are outlined clearly in Arizona’s Elections Procedures Manual and they are refusing to allow an investigation into last year’s election.

Listen, this should be obvious, but people who are innocent of wrongdoing do not do everything in their power to prevent investigations from being carried out. Attorney General Brnovich is the person who should be leading the way with indictments.

Rogers has previously stated that any public servants who are involved in this fraud need to be held accountable, which includes “possibly sending them to jail.”

Another report from the folks at GP revealed that one of the announcements made during the hearing was the discovery of 74,000 more ballots that were received and counted as part of the 2020 election than were actually sent out. That’s kind of a big problem.

And as if that’s not enough, it turns out the ballots weren’t printed on the right paper stock and many of them were filled out with Sharpies which caused bleed through, making the ballots difficult to read.

This thing is fishy from top to bottom. Rogers could not be more right. It’s time for other Republicans in the state of Arizona to grow a spine and stand with Rogers in demanding the recall of electors and a new election take place.

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  1. It needs to be made known across this country what happened during the 2020 election. Not only did Trump get screwed, but I’m thinking a few Congressmen and women got shafted as well….maybe Georgia didn’t need a run-off to begin with? I think a Michigan guy was defeated at the last minute? How many more and how long has this crap been going on? Now if the time to get it right and have a new national election if that’s what the states’ results call for. No more chaeting no mater whose side you are on. This is the USA and we demand integrity in our voting!!!

  2. To use the word integrity in the same sentence as voting is an oxymoron. Perhaps there might be voter integrity in some red states but not the blue ones. Cheating by democrats during elections has always been the norm. Everyone knows that! Every year when we have voting underway I always refer to it as a “National Disgrace” because it means off the charts cheating in every conceivable way and NOTHING is ever done to prevent and/or stop the cheating. The RINO republicans never do one thing to stop the cheating because they don’t want to offend their “esteemed colleagues” on the other side. Cheating should never be allowed because it is an insult to the law abiding American people to have their honest votes offset by cheating democrats.

  3. The Democrats did all it could to bring down our TRUE PRESIDENT, Trump. It has taken lots of work to get the truth out. In the mean time the OLD SNIFFER, DEMENTED CLOWN BIDEN has really screwed up our country royally. HE IS CRAZY, EL LOCO. When can we get rid of Bite Me and have our President Trump back in office? We cannot wait and let our country suffer anymore. We should get rid of this old bag (antique) Nancy, as she is really an EVIL WITCH. Also included are: Adam Schiff, Chuckey, Nadler and many other Slime balls and let us not forget about Lizard Chaney and Romney…two RINOS, that claim to be Republicans, when we all know they a Demoncrats.


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