IT BEGINS: AZ State Sen. Wendy Rogers Calls For New Election — Puts Fake News Bret Baier Back In His Place

(Republican Insider) – The Arizona Senate, along with audit officials, put out some bombshell information last week during a hearing, which has led some of the state’s legislators to demand a recall of Arizona’s electors and a whole new election.

According to reports from Gateway Pundit, some of the findings that were revealed during the hearing last week include 74,243 mail-in ballots that do not have a clear record of them having ever been sent out. A total of 168,000 ballots that were printed on the wrong paper stock, and another 11,000 voters who were added to voter rolls after the election.

Audit officials have now requested that the Senate subpoena “splunk” logs, routers, and passwords so that they can take this data and forensically analyze it and complete the audit.

State Sen. Wendy Rogers has been leading the effort for a recall of fraudulent electors. Rogers herself is demanding that the current results be decertified in Arizona and has asked that other leaders take a page from their playbook and start forensic audits of their own in their states.

Rogers then went on to take Fox News host Bret Baier to task too.

Jovan Pulitzer recently weighed in on the current developments that have been popping over the course of the last week, noting that “There’s more to come,” referring to evidence that will be coming to light that will put the nail in the coffin concerning the indisputable fact that this election was stolen.

“In something this big, where there’s over 2 million ballots and you have 1,500 people working on them, think of that as a big spread, big feast that everything has to be dived into. What you saw today of course will make you drop your jaw. All I can say right now is don’t think today was it because you only got served the aperitief which is the smallest of all the appetizers. There’s more to come,” Pulitzer said.

Another bit of information that was revealed during the audit hearing last week was that many of the ballots had been marked with a Sharpie pen, which the actual instructions state should not be used because it causes bleed through which could impact how the vote is counted.

Other states have also discovered this issue.

Folks, the truth of the matter is that there was massive voter fraud happening during the last election cycle and we need to address it. If we cannot protect the integrity of our election system, our nation is done.

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  1. When the State of AZ sends out the ballots, do they not get charged by USPS? If so, can’t they check the USPS records for those 74K ballots, or at least do a QA between the charges and the ballots sent out?

  2. I am so proud of the Arizona people who are uncovering the voter fraud that took place in the 2020 election! These people are American Patriots who stood up against the dems who objected fiercely to any ballot audits. This is because the dems knew for certain that the voter fraud took place in many swing states because there are major democrat politicians who were involved in the fraud scheme. If they really believed there was no fraud then they would welcome the audits to prove everything was above board. But the fact that they send in armies of lawyers and politicians to fight the audits proves that they are guilty and scared to death of what is coming to light. WAKE UP AMERICA AND SUPPORT THE AUDITS WITH YOUR COMMENTS AND YOUR VOICES!


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