AZ State Senator: Georgia Has Evidence Of Someone Admitting They Ran Ballots Through Numerous Times (VIDEO)

(Republican Insider) – As things wrap up for the audit of ballots from the 2020 election in Maricopa County, Arizona, which double, triple, and quadruple checked the number of votes cast, the state Senate is still waiting for the county to comply so that they can complete the full forensic audit of both the ballots and the machines and other equipment used in the election.

A report from Gateway Pundit, provided a photograph (screen shot here) that comes straight from the Democratic Party’s platform.

So the question folks are asking right now is what in the world happened to the idea of the government working for the people? The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs have gone to insane lengths to try and hinder the investigation into the ballots from the 2020 presidential election.

Jordan Conradson, a reporter from the Gateway Pundit, called up Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli to help ease concern over the hindrance tossed in the way of this audit by Maricopa County and the Secretary of State.

“So there’s, there’s a lot of concerns out there about Adjournment, Sine Die, The Senate not being able to obtain these materials from the County, and the audit not being able to complete, that’s what some people think. can you reassure us that the Senate will obtain these materials, and the audit will be completed?” Conradson asked.

“Sure, I mean it goes right back down to here’s the facts we were not in session when we issued subpoenas back in December, and then we renewed them in January so those subpoenas are still valid, they’re still active. We don’t need to be in session. Our legislative authority on investigations do not end at Sine Die. We open this folder or case for if you will if you want to call it that. Back in December. That’s when we issued a subpoena through the Senate Judiciary Committee. Once the audit is completed, that information is going to come back to the Senate Judiciary Committee for review and for action. And if action needs to be done, it will be referred to the showing House and Senate election integrity committee that was established in the budget process, orally, to start a new type of committee like a standing committee or anything like that,” Borrelli stated.

“Once we get the audit results, the Senate Committee will hear it, the Judiciary Committee will hear and we will make recommendations to go forward on that. And then that special committee will make recommendations. And the reason why it’s a joint House and Senate committee hearing because any kind of decisions that need to be made that is going to be extreme if you will, is going to have to be vetted through the full body of the House and the Senate. So this is fast, it’s a great way to fast track anything if, just in case the governor needs to do, does need to call us in for a special session that committee is what will determine the urgency of having a special session. The governor does not need to call us in to follow through and finish up the audit, we are fully vetted to do the whole thing. We don’t need the governor to intervene, to call us in, or anything like that. This is in play, whether we’re in session or not, the legislature’s investigative authority does not stop at Sine Die, so it’s going to continue on until the end, period,” he continued.

“When can we expect either the County to comply with the subpoenas or the subpoenas to be enforced?” Conradson went on to ask.

“Borrelli: That’s a good question now, you know, we’re still pushing on them, they keep saying that they’re not going to comply, no matter what. But there are other tools in the toolbox that we’re examining and after they’re done finishing up. If you’ve been down there at the Coliseum and watching it, they’re going through another, not a hand count, The machine count, counting every ballot so that way you got a hand count, a count of those ballots and check them out, check it twice. And we’re running through the machine process, see if the numbers jive and want to make sure that we’re accurate, you know, everybody’s wanting answers now. Everybody’s used to instant potatoes and instant rice. Look, this is something that we can’t have any mistakes on, it’s gotta be 100% accurate. We need accuracy not speed. On election night, let’s face it, you know, the pressure is on for speed to get the results in. There’s no sense of urgency here for speed, we don’t have a dead deadline date we need to get this done accurately, and we have to make sure that our findings are bulletproof because we know its going to get challenged in court. This is probably going to be the most challenged to audit litigated in probably US history or world history. So we got to make sure that we are 100% accurate on any of the findings that we find, and we will go from there,” Borrelli responded.

“If the Secretary of State and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors had complied from the beginning, we would probably be done with the audit by now,” Conradson said.

“Yeah, we would have been done with this a long time ago. We wanted to do the audit at the election center. we could have been in and out on the machines on examining them, they didn’t, they would have never left the premises, we wouldn’t have to disconnect anything. They disconnected everything and delivered it to us off-site. We wanted to do the inspection of everything on-site, bring out one pallet at a time and count all the ballots under their supervision of course and be totally transparent but County Supervisors chose to basically move everything off-site which I call removing everything from the crime scene if you will, just a metaphor, but they chose to push this off-site, they chose to push the ballots off-site, they chose to be obstructionist and resistance the whole time, and which is really disgusting and appalling,” Borrelli went on to say.

Condradson then asked whether or not Borrelli expected audits to start popping up in states across the country, especially after audits get started in the state of Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvania and Georgia, they’re already starting to make that move because they know something is not right, they actually have proof of somebody actually admitting they ran ballots through numerous times. And, you know, a xerox copy of a ballot or a regular ballot just going through numerous times, that’s fraud. I mean, they admitted to doing that. So, these are the things that have to be investigated. We’re Americans, we don’t like cheating. We are fair-minded people, we despise anybody that cheats in sports or even on everything else so we need to make sure that this gets done and this is the one thing that needs to be maintained and that purity needs to be brought back, that integrity needs to be brought back, this is how we do it. We’re doing things prospectively already we passed legislation through this year in the session to actually bring out voter confidence, raise voter conference in the next election for example a ballot that cannot be counterfeited, and we’re already getting pushed back on that by the way, that ballot has four counterfeit countermeasures on it,” he answered.

The GP reporter then asked about watermark ballots.

“They call it a watermark it’s basically on currency type of paper (screen shot here). There are several countermeasures on it that you cannot, you cannot reproduce this it’s got to come from the original vendor and then, of course, it gets printed by a certain printer but anyway but you can’t count off with that ballot, you can only count it once with the, with the QR code on once you scan at once it gets counted just like the one same technology for a lottery ticket. But it’s amazing. Not one Democrat supported them, they all fought against it so matter of fact I ran the amendment in the budget process to have that put in the budget because it’s money tied to it, and the Democrats voted no on it in committee the whole, and then they call for a roll call vote to strip it from the budget so once again, obviously the Democrats, they don’t want free and elections and they’re okay with counterfeit ballots. The proof is in the pudding. But the mainstream media is going to cover for them, as usual, not tell anybody the truth, and that’s amazing. and by the way, the cost of that ballot is less than the price of a postage stamp, talking from printing products, right to the voter that ballot is always going to cost about 25 cents. That’s it. And to make sure that your ballot can’t be counterfeit, I think is priceless,” Borrelli stated.

Conradson then asked Borrelli if he knew when we could expect to see the results from the audit in Arizona.

“I believe what they’re doing once they’re done finishing that machine count they’re gonna give a progress report to President Fann, and we’ll go from there if they need any additional items from the County, we’ll go from there. I’m not sure. I’m not in that loop right now because we’re just waiting for the team to finish up, I keep telling everybody, you know, cyber ninjas is the quarterback of this all so people just think of the analogy of McDonald’s. Okay, you go to the McDonald’s the store as somebody gets french fries and chicken McNuggets and apple pies and so on Big Macs and quarter pounders and milkshakes. Hopefully, when it’s all said and done, we’ll get the happy meal. So, everybody’s cross checking their work, and that’s what we want to make sure the accuracy is there. Once everything is done with the report, and they’ll present it to President Fann, you know a preliminary report to President Fann because we still need the routers, you still need the passwords and we need those hardware tokens that they’re withholding and they’re hiding from us. Because remember, they went on the record that they ran the election so they ran all the machines, they said that in the Senate committee hearing back on December 14 They ran the machines the County employees ran everything Dominion people did not touch the machines they were there for tech support. If you ran the elections, how come you don’t have the codes, passwords and hardware tokens? Because that activates the machines. See, so once again, we’re finding more spin and lies,” he responded.

Another report published by GP revealed that the Audit War Room was not too happy with the folks working for Maricopa County, going on to call for heavy consequences for any individuals who have been working to impede the audit going on in the state.

The official Twitter page for the Audit War Room then went on to compare the audit in Arizona to a bank audit, noting that the election audit should be taken far more seriously than it seems it is.

So where are the routers and the passwords being requested? What kind of information has been deleted? Why are these folks so desperate to try and prevent this audit from being completed?

Those are answers we need right now.

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  1. As long as no one has to go to jail for breaking our laws, our laws will continue to be broken. So why not cheat in an election where you have no punishment to fear and everything to gain. The cheaters win every day the election is upheld by the criminals. We live in a state of insecurity because the innocent are being punished and the guilty are revered and rich keep getting richer.

  2. Dominion who owns the Machines and those of anther company is based in Colorado but that is just an arm the Parent company is in Canada. This means that a Foreign Nation that interfered with the Election. This is what the Democraps were trying to get President Trump on. Canada lost money on President Trump’s rework of NAFTA. Those trying so hard to block this audit are doing so because in my opinion they know that Democraps lost more than just the Presidential Election but they lost even more House seats and did not win as many Senate seats as they claim. I mean despite there being all sorts of stories about FRAUD and other IRREGULARITIES Democraps deny anything happened. They do not say their was FRAUD but it was not sufficient to alter the Election or the IRREGULARITIES were not enough to alter the outcome they say that every part of the Election was on the Up and Up. They say that all the stories of things not being done right are just people mad that President Trump did not win. Yet when people want to say OK if there is nothing done wrong checking to see that is the case should not be causing the HATE and LIES that are beinv. Spewed by Democraps. If things are as they claim they would be so HAPPY to help prove their outcome was exactly as they claim because they could rub it into the face of Every President Trump supporter out there. But they are fighting everything and every step taken to ensure that there were no FRAUD or even one irregularity. That SCREAMS that there was all kinds of FRAUD and IRREGULARITIES.


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