BANNON’S WAR ROOM: Rachel Maddow Is Terrified About What AZ Election Audit Will Reveal Because She Knows Georgia Is Next

(Republican Insider) – Rachel Maddow, host and “editor” over at the disgustingly liberal MSNBC network, took seven minutes of her program on Friday to warn her audience about the forensic audit that is taking place in the state of Arizona, seeming rather nervous about what might potentially be uncovered during the investigation.

According to Gateway Pundit, Maddow is apparently trying hard to ruin the credibility of the auditors by making them out to be fringe activists and conspiracy nuts. She’s well aware that if this audit takes place, and it’s done correctly, the Democratic Party’s scheme to steal the election from Donald Trump will be exposed.

It seems pretty obvious once you look at the results that Joe Biden did not actually win Arizona, and thus, he did not legitimately win the presidency either.

This audit has the radical left panicking. It terrifies them to think the American people might finally know the truth of what happened on November 3, 2020.

On the Saturday morning edition of his program, War Room, Steve Bannon noted that Maddow looked very, very nervous during the segment about the audit, likely because she knows that the state of Georgia is next on the list.

She’s practically sweating bullets on live television. It’s pretty clear that she’s scared out of her mind about the truth getting out. This is a good sign.

The Democratic Party worked extremely hard during the election to ensure that Biden would receive their electoral votes. Officials even went so far as to stop Republican election workers from keeping an eye on the process and ensuring the election was fair and free.

And they are still doing this right now, during the middle of the audit. Gateway Pundit recently sent a correspondent down to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in the city of Phoenix. The correspondent spoke with Arizona Patriot Party reporter Brad Heward who was just leaving the security checkpoint.

Brad stated that the Arizona Rangers informed him that Google had trashed the list of Arizona GOP workers who were approved to enter the auditing center.

“My name is Brad Heward and I am an investigator with the Patriot Party of Arizona… I pulled into Gate 2 and they told me I could not get in unless I had a security pass. They told me something entirely different over here (pointing to a different gate). I was told I was on the list for the AZGOP and they just told me Google eliminated the list. So they’re trying to keep the public out of this audit. Obviously, they’re trying to hide what’s really going on… There’s a lot of shenanigans still going on,” Heward said.

Over the weekend, Arizona GOP Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward gave an update as to how the forensic audit going down in Maricopa County is going.

Ward went on to detail how Democrats went to court on Friday in yet another attempt to shut down the audit. They accused Republicans of going out and recruiting “hate groups” to perform this new audit. Unfortunately for them, the court didn’t buy their argument.

This fight, which is critical to ensuring the integrity of our voting system, is far from over.

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