BANNON’S WAR ROOM: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Says Election Integrity The Most Important Issue — Here’s How He Plans To Get Fellow GOP Atty’s Gen. To Get On Board (VIDEO)

(Republican Insider) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is one of the few people in the upper echelons of state government in this nation who was willing to take a serious stand for election integrity in the face of shameful changes in election law and questionable polling practices across several key swing states that have caused many to question the legitimacy of President Joe Biden’s 2020 victory.

Paxton joined former Trump advisor Steve Bannon’s War Room program on Saturday to discuss President Donald Trump’s Sunday CPAC speech which will be his first public appearance since he left office in January 20th after a steadfast fight to overturn the results of the election.

The Lone Star State official told Bannon that the GOP is floundering without Trump and has been left with a “vacuum of leadership.”

“I think people are still looking at [Trump,” he explained. “He’s still the most popular Republican in the United States. He’s the person who so many grassroots people look to for a vision. I would encourage him to cast a vision. Where he thinks we ought to go, going as a party, going as a country. And address things like election fraud. Address things like what’s going on with the tech companies.”

When Paxton mentioned election integrity, Bannon zeroed in.

“That’s one of the huge topics we focus on every day whether it’s from Georgia or Pennsylvania. Given that Texas knows how to run an election. Given that you’re the guy that said, ‘No Dominion Election Systems. We’re not interested…’ And you were the leader in the lawsuit that should have gone forward, right?” Bannon said.

“You took the leadership of that. Are you prepared, are you working with other states to help them get sorted? Particularly in Georgia and Pennsylvania which were a nightmare and Arizona. Where you’ve seen leadership in those parties back off from taking leadership. Are you Ken Paxton reaching out to people? Are you there in CPAC saying, ‘Hey we know how Texas can take the lead in this,’” he continued.

Paxton replied that he is “talking to whoever I can,” and to “leaders all over the country.”

He explained that there is a meeting of the GOP Attorneys General this week where he plans to address this very issue.

“I don’t think there’s a more important issue than election integrity because if we go forward with what happened in this last election Americans will never know whether our elections are credible,” he stated.

“And that destroys a democracy and puts us in positions more like Venezuela than it does the America we all know and love.”

Bannon then set his sights on Senate Minority Mitch McConnell, who couldn’t throw Trump under the bus quickly enough when it became clear the Deep State had a path through which to coast Biden into office—election integrity be damned.

“Well this is on Mitch McConnell. 300,000 didn’t show up in Georgia,” Bannon mentioned.

“If you don’t show them you can sort out November 3rd and they don’t believe you’ve sorted it out, don’t ask for their money in 2022. Twenty percent of the MAGA movement and the media knows this… Every legal vote counts, every certifiable vote counts. Every chain of custody vote counts. If we show that we’re going to get 100% of the people out to vote,” he continued.


Indeed, despite all the media and Democrat posturing claiming that without a doubt, the election was 100% secure and anyone who says otherwise is clearly an insurrectionist traitor, election integrity remains an ongoing issue.

This week, a judge ruled that officials in Maricopa County, Arizona, were required to hand over all records, ballots, and machines to the state Senate for inspection after months of battling the Board of Supervisors.

Here’s the blunt truth—allegations of election fraud and questionable changes to election law made in key swing states like Arizona were widespread.

This isn’t just about Trump, it’s about every single election for every single office across the country—the American people deserve accountability and secure elections.

We cannot let the fight die just because Trump has left office—in fact, it’s far from over.

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  1. The last election was an absolute fraud and if we do not take steps to remedy this before 2022, we, as a Republican Party, have seen the last republican president we will see until this is corrected.
    The dems now know how to rig votes and get away with it so they will continue until the truth is brought out.

  2. If we can’t have secure elections people will not turn out to vote. I have already stopped giving to the GOP. I will not throw my money into a black hole where any kind of fraud can take place with no consequence.


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