Biden Admin Scorched For Brand New “Cages” For Migrant Children — How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

(Republican Insider) – If you ask someone, today, at this moment, to explain what they have against President Donald Trump, there’s a good chance that they’d bring up the whole “children in cages” thing.

These are the “children in cages,” of course, that were being detained at the Southern border while Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were in office, under their respective administrations’ directive, in fact.

However, when Trump was in office, a photo of children in facilities that appear like cages began circulating on Twitter and the narrative spread like wildfire among hysterical leftists with no substantial grievance against the 45th POTUS than “orange man bad.”

Of course, it didn’t matter that the photo had been literally taken during the Obama administration.

So now that the dangerously open borders leftist President Joe Biden (Obama’s VP) has unveiled brand new cages for migrant children, they and the sycophantic leftist establishment that covers their actions in a shroud of sickeningly friendly media coverage are getting scorched for the disgusting double-standard.

Donald Trump Jr. was the first to pile on the lying media after the Washington Post ran with this headline:

The former president’s son noted that they might have meant “cages” as the facilities had “bars” on the widows.

Yikes… awkward:

Infowars notes that one hilarious meme poked fun at AOC’s border photo shoot in which she feigned tears in front of an empty field that actually had no migrant children in it, caged or otherwise.

Christian satire site The Babylon Bee was quick with the witty mock-headline, “Compassionate Biden Moves Migrant Children from Cages Into Humane High-Security Metal Containment Cubes.”

“Unity” and “healing” truly are here.

Other Twitter users joined in the massive dog pile:

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  1. Who received the contract for erecting this unwarranted housing? Good possibility it leads to some scumbag politicians. C’mon man, isn’t there any fake news reporter that could set themselves apart from the rest of the schlepps with a real story.


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