SHOCKING: Biden Told US Commanders Not To Send Troops To Rescue Americans In Kabul

(Republican Insider) – Joe Biden, even with his brain seemingly turning into pudding, still maintains enough of his mental faculties to be worried sick about what the general public thinks about him and what the headlines say about him, which is exactly why he told his commanders not to go out and try to rescue Americans that are currently trapped in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Can’t have him looking bad, right? That would undermine the narrative pushed by the Democratic Party about Biden being a much better leader than President Donald Trump. Can’t have that. No sir.

A new report from the Gateway Pundit says that Biden was afraid that sending troops in to get Americans out of Kabul would result in a “Black Hawk Down” moment where soldiers sent out on the streets would end up injured or killed by the Taliban.

So he was willing to allow innocent Americans to die in Kabul rather than be skewered in news headlines. This man is the very definition of evil.

“Joe Biden told military officials he was reluctant to deploy US forces outside the Kabul airport perimeter over fears of a Black Hawk Down-style tragedy,” a report from The Daily Mail said.

“In a video conference last week, the president also negatively commented on how quickly the Afghan government fell apart and told commanders he wanted them to be focused on beefing up security at the airport,” the report continued, adding, “During the call, the president alluded to the ‘Black Hawk Down’ tragedy of the Somali Civil War, which saw 18 US personnel killed.”

The report went on to say that, “In 1993, US forces tried to capture key allies of Somali general Mohamed Farrah Aidid. Adid had overthrown President Mohamed Siad Barre’s socialist government. During the raid, 18 Americans and two United Nations soldiers were killed after two Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters were shot down by RPGs.”

Isn’t it absolutely appalling that this man is putting his own reputation ahead of the safety of his own citizens, the very same people that he took an oath to protect and defend? You have to wonder how Biden can sleep at night with all of the choices he’s making.

This is what radical liberals mean when they talk about the “greater good” according to their twisted progressive worldview. It seems the left does not value individual human lives at all. All that matters is their agenda and the radical transformation of our country.

Video: Former Navy SEAL’s message to Biden goes viral amid chaos in Afghanistan

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  1. The Commander in Chief’s responsibility is to keep all Americans safe, either here or abroad. Yet here we go again, Biden shirking his responsibilities. He is not a leader. Biden is an embarrassment to his party and the entire country. The world has always looked to the U.S. for leadership, but now they ridicule our President and laugh at us. How long can we keep allowing this administration to ruin our country and its reputation? The answer is for the people to rise up and remove this imposter and all of his administration from the White House.

  2. It is a crying shame that this Administration is so Hell bent to push its agenda that they allow these American men and women to suffer the fate that is upon them. The Afghan people who helped with the beginning of the peaceful transformation of their country are being left to be slaughtered with Our American Heroes who a gutless lunatic has left them behind. Senseless decisions have been made and only finger pointing to place the blame on someone else. THE BUCK STOPS HERE is at the Leader of Our Country’s head. Only excuses for this Administrations actions have been made. True Americans DO NOT DEAL WITH TERRORISTS! You get ALL available military means that are available to you and show those pos what AMERICANS STAND FOR!!! NO ONE LEFT BEHIND!!! You Military Generals get off your asses and bring them Home. Grow you a pair and do whatever it takes to kill every damn terrorist that pokes his head out or stands in the way!!! Bring Our People Home!

  3. To this site! Moderation or censorship is against my First Amendment right! Freedom of Speech to All American Citizens, not just the leftist liberal democrats who are so-called above ALL CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS! Now add that to your list of moderation!!!


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