Biden’s ATF Nominee Scorched As People Discover ‘Racist’ Tweet

(Republican Insider) – Biden’s ATF nominee, a man who is pro-gun control, holds a law degree and was appointed to be the US Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio by Barack Obama, is taking heat for a social media post in which he made the racist suggestion that President Trump wouldn’t have even allowed the legendary boxer Muhammed Ali into the country.

Steve Dettelbach is poised to become one of the most powerful men in Washington DC so naturally, critics were interested in his social media history. It didn’t take long to uncover the racist tweet. Interestingly, Dettelbach made no effort to remove the tweet.

In 2016, just two days after the death of Ali, Dettelbach ignorantly tweeted:

“We salute #MuhammadAli as a great American,” adding, “Sadly, we need to acknowledge that Donald Trump wouldn’t even allow him to come into America.”

As a writer at The Western Journal noted, “Ah, yes, Muhammad Ali, the legendary pugilist known worldwide as the Lagos Lip. Wait, no, that’s not right. Was it the London Lip that they called him? The Lahore Lip?

Oh, no, wait — it was the Louisville Lip. As in, Louisville, Kentucky. The city he was born in. Which is in the United States.”

Most people are aware of the fact that Muhammed Ali was an American and that his birth name was not “Muhammed Ali.” Even if you didn’t know, you could easily find this information out in less than a minute.

There’s really no excuse for someone of Dettelbach’s educational caliber to tweet out this kind of ignorant misinformation which only served to make him look seriously racist.

Either Dettelbach truly believed that Ali was not from the US because of his name or he knew very well that Ali was a native American and was using his ties to Islam to make a political point in light of Trump’s campaign platform which planned to restrict travel from nations that pose national security threats to the US.

The left, of which Dettelbach is a proud card-carrying member, immediately labeled the reasonable and common sense travel ban as a “Muslim ban.” Dettelbach was clearly speaking out against the so-called “Muslim ban” in his tweet despite the travel restriction not banning Muslims and Ali already being an American citizen.

Also, fun fact, the list of countries Trump eventually used to impose the travel ban was actually compiled by none other than former president Barack Obama but don’t expect any leftists to honestly admit that.

The racist tweet aside, Dettelbach poses a real threat to the freedoms of Americans. Gun control groups praise his nomination, with the president of Everytown for Gun Safety saying he would be a “strong leader” and that the pick showed the Biden regime was “doubling down on its commitment to gun safety.”

Biden also said that “Steve’s record makes him ready on day one to lead this agency” and that he was “immensely qualified.” We can take that with a grain of salt, however, given Biden’s propensity for telling outright lies.

However, the Biden regime has acknowledged that it’s going to be tough getting Dettelbach confirmed in the Senate.

“Administration officials acknowledge Dettelbach faces long odds in the Senate largely because gun-rights groups routinely oppose any nominee for the agency that regulates guns,” CNN reported. “The ATF has operated under a series of acting directors since its last Senate-confirmed leader stepped down in 2015, and the Senate last confirmed an ATF nominee in 2013.”

Dettelbach is the last person we need in a position of power over our Second Amendment rights.

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  1. There so very many people in the democratic party that are stupid when it comes to anything other than their own ideals. Perhaps we should give them a history test when they decide to run for any office, even dog catcher. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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