Biden’s DOJ Is Refusing To Release Jan. 6 Security Cam Footage — They Know It Exposes The Truth About Their False Narrative Of ‘Insurrection’

(Republican Insider) – Julie Kelly, an investigative journalist with American Greatness has come out with a brand new report concerning the protests that turned violent back on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol. And it’s pretty safe to say that Biden’s administration, especially the Justice Department, are going to absolutely hate everything it reveals.

According to Gateway Pundit, Kelly’s report discusses how the United States government has continued to refuse releasing security camera footage from the protests and siege of the Capitol.

The real question on all of our minds is why don’t they want this footage to be seen? Likely because if the general public sees it, they’ll know that the narrative being spun by the Democratic Party and the mainstream media, their propaganda arm, is all just a bunch of lies.

“Joe Biden calls it the worst attack since the Civil War. Attorney General Merrick Garland compares it to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. The FBI is breaking down the doors of Iraq War veterans and small business owners who have no criminal records, and some are hauled off to rot in solitary confinement in a fetid D.C. jail, for their involvement in the alleged travesty,” Kelly said in her report.

“…But have we seen a full and fair depiction of exactly what happened that day? The answer, as evidenced by an ongoing coverup by the U.S. Capitol Police and the Justice Department, clearly is no,” she continued, adding, “Almost all the January 6 video seen by the public isn’t from official government sources but by social media users and journalists on the scene. For example, the widely viewed footage of protestors occupying the Senate chamber was recorded by a New Yorker journalist.”

“But thousands of hours of real-time footage is in the hands of the Capitol Police—and that agency, along with government lawyers and federal judges, is using every legal trick possible to keep the trove hidden from the public even as clips are presented in court as evidence against hundreds of January 6 defendants,” Kelly reported. “There’s only one reason why the Justice Department wants to keep the footage under seal: it contradicts most if not all of the claims advanced by Democrats and the media over the past four months.”

As conservatives, our number one priority should always be getting the truth and ensuring the American public is equipped with all of the facts they need to know in order to hold their government accountable for its actions.

As we speak, there are men and women in jail cells rotting away from their alleged role in an “insurrection” at the Capitol. Hundreds have been arrested thus far, most of them having been waved into the building by Capitol Police Officers. Now their lives are totally destroyed.

What’s worse is the Republican Party, which is supposed to share the same values as these folks, has been completely silent on the issue. This is unacceptable. And it’s up to us, the people, to put pressure on our elected officials in order for the wrongs being done here to be made right.

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    • It also contains a full frontal of the shooter who killed Ashly Babbit and the fellow demonstrator who tried to help her and held her in his arms as she passed. Don’t be fooled the shooter was on of them, capital police or some other governor entity.

  1. Typical poorly educated response, just insult whoever you don’t like, don’t bother with an actual objection that would require facts and thinking!! Thumpers are such losers.


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