Bombshell: Atlanta Election Official Ralph Jones Caught Double-Counting Ballots On Election Night

(Republican Insider) – The more information that comes out of Georgia the more it appears to be undeniable that the election results from the state were nothing short of fraudulent.

Much like other major counties in swing states, Fulton County has proven to be rife with fraudulent activity including the missing legally-required chain of custody paperwork for ballots and, more disturbingly, anti-Trump poll workers running ballots through machines multiple times to give Joe Biden the lead.

By now you’ve likely heard about Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye running ballots through the machines numerous times after uncovering hidden suitcases full of ballots late on Election Night.

Turns out they weren’t the only ones. A new report now confirms that Atlanta election official Ralph Jones was also taking part in the double scanning of ballots late on Election Night at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ralph also just so happens to be the same person who sent home all election observers that night because of a supposed water main break that didn’t actually occur.

Once observers were gone, Democrats operatives went to work dutifully rigging the election.

Just the News published a bombshell report on Thursday uncovering the massive fraud found in Fulton County by contractor Carter Jones, who was “handpicked to monitor election counting in Fulton County.”

Jones, from Seven Hill Strategies, wrote a 29-page report in November that outlined the “‘massive’ election integrity failures and mismanagement that he witnessed in the Atlanta-area’s election centers.”

Just the News says the report was constructed like a “minute-by-minute diary” and “cited a litany of high-risk problems such as the double-counting of votes, insecure storage of ballots, possible violations of voter privacy, the mysterious removal of election materials at a vote collection warehouse, and the suspicious movement of “too many” ballots on Election Day.”

Included in this 29-page report, Jones describes two more instances where the election officials were double-scanning votes late into the night after the election observers and media outlets were sent home.

In the report, just before 11:30 p.m., Jones records that there is “confusion” regarding whether or not scanning and counting was still going on at the State Farm Arena because “there were reports that the staff there told the rest of the staff and press to leave but I am still getting number reports.”

Jones then visits the Arena around midnight to find that the staff are, indeed, “still scanning on all five scanners.”

About 20 minutes later, he then observed, “Order is starting to break down[.] Ralph newly re-scanned some ballots that had already been processed by Shaye.”

Now we know that Ruby Freeman and her daughter weren’t the only ones double-scanning ballots.

Jones’ report confirms that there was major fraud and corruption at play in Fulton County, Georgia. It’s time for a full forensic audit.

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  1. It is too late to reverse the Trump vote, but the State of Georgia really ought to recall both of its Senators.

  2. How many times does it have to be proven that the democrats stole the 2020 election before the rightful president will be sworn in as our president? Have we reached a time in our country in which obvious cheating determines who our president will be? Are the RINOs going to do anything about the cheating? NO! Why because they are “in bed” with the democrats. So what is going to be done about having a man in the White House who wasn’t Really elected? Probably the usual m.o. – NOTHING!

  3. I watched tons of these testimonies after the ELECTION. They were out there for all to see and NOTHING was done about it nor investigated. There should have been a redo of the election at that time with armed guards as poll watchers.

  4. The problem with the Republican Party has no ball’s at all. They want to play the politician game, but are AFRAID they are going to hurt someone’s feelings!!!! Most of them could care less about the American people, they are only concerned about where they will sit in the political arena after their actions. It sure would be nice to see SOME of them ” tell the truth, shame the devil, and DO THE RIGHT THING “. It’s NEVER to late to do the right thing!!

  5. The china-dems have those who were at entrance to the the Capitol. In solitary confinement. These un- American anarchist,traitors should be in jail for treason.

  6. If anyone thinks that Georgia is the only state involved in voter fraud for the 2020 election then just take a look at the evidence found in Arizona and also some issues in Wisconsin. There is no doubt that these fraud events were orchestrated by a top liberal person who set this stuff up way ahead of Election Day. People are right, this will not change the election of 2020 but it will stop it from happening in 2022 and 2024 if we continue to find and publish the problems. It is extremely important that we get this solved or we will never see another conservative in the White House. I will not say I told you so until enough evidence is in to convince citizens of the massive fraud!

  7. The ENTIRE NATION needs to have a hand recount of every vote after they have been verified as LEGALLY CAST. They first need to clear all Boter rolls of anyone who is dead or has moved from the State. They can also remove Voters names from one County’s rolls if they moved to another and that would stop someone from using the name to vote in two places in one state. There also needs to be a Nationwide voter ID law. For the WILLFULLY IGNORANT WHINY LIBERALS the poor can be given an ID that does two things and the cost can come from scraping that WASTE of Money known as Obozo phones. The ID would also stop Welfare FRAUD since it would be used to ensure the person Using the EBT Card is the one who’s name is on the card. Lastly they need to round up all those named in this Article as DOJ v ILLEGAL Counting and first see who else they worked with and who they worked for then ban all those involved from not only Voting for Life but from holding any office elected or appointed paid for by tax dollars as well as getting any aid paid for by tax dollars and this will be a life long ban as well as serving hard labor for the MAXIMUM time for their crimes.

  8. There is only one recourse for Treason! A firing squad! Though many people
    acted on the belief the those in charge knew what they were doing, I am not
    willing to elevate their crime beyond felony tampering which would be at least
    10 yrs in Federal prison! Those in charge were well aware of the level of crime
    being committed! Oh! but this is the USA and we don’t do that here! This is enforceable! READ THE LAW!


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