Bombshell Emails Reveal Democratic Operative Was Given Secret Internet Connection At Wisconsin Election Center

(Republican Insider) – The Democrats used every trick they could come up with to rig and steal the 2020 US presidential election for Democratic puppet Joe Biden.

Though the left insists the election was the “most secure” in US history and that the election processes around the country were transparent, the evidence proves the opposite.

In Wisconsin, it appears that a Democratic operative was heavily involved in Green Bay’s election and was even given access to hidden internet network identifiers at the hotel convention center where ballots were being counted on Election Day.

According to emails obtained by Wisconsin Spotlight, veteran Dem operative Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, a Wisconsin state lead for the National Vote at Home Institute, was heavily involved with election administration including having access to a hidden internet network to be used for “sensitive machines.”

Trent Jameson, director of event technology at Green Bay’s Hyatt Regency and KI Convention Center, where the city’s central count was being done, sent an email to Spitzer-Rubenstein that informed him that he would have his “team create two separate SSIDs for you.”

The SSIDs are the networks that appear when you open any device with WiFi capabilities. They appear as available networks. In this case, Jameson informed Spitzer-Rubenstein that “One SSID will be hidden and it’s: 2020vote. There will be no password or splash page for this one and it should only be used for the sensitive machines that need to be connected to the internet.”

That means that Spitzer-Rubenstein was being granted access to a hidden network, not viewable or accessible to the public, to be used for “sensitive machines.” Huh? What exactly is a “sensitive machine?”

Are sensitive machines the ones that were used to “cure” or “correct” ballots? It just so happens that other emails reveal that Spitzer-Rubenstein offered to do just that with ballots in Green Bay. He also told the city clerk he had some up with a similar process for Milwaukee.

Why was this long-time Democratic operative involved in the “correcting” of ballots and given access to a hidden network that was designated for “sensitive machines?”

Others within election administration were involved in this including Celestine Jeffreys, Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich’s chief of staff, Amaad Rivera-Wagner, the mayor’s community liaison; Jaime Fuge, Green Bay’s chief election inspector at the time; Shelby Edlebeck, multimedia communications specialist; and Mike Hronek, the city’s information technology administrator, all of whom Spitzer-Rubenstein forwarded emails to himself.

Spitzer-Rubenstein was reportedly asked to provide technical support but according to emails, he was privy to technical information before the city’s IT director was informed. Something certainly doesn’t seem to be adding up.

Spitzer-Rubenstein was the lead for the National Vote at Home Institute which was primarily funded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. There is no mystery surrounding either of their political leanings and yet Spitzer-Rubenstein was given a disturbing amount of access on Election Day.

What’s more is that Spitzer-Rubenstein has insisted he did not have keys to the KI Center where absentee ballots were being counted but according to a hotel contract obtained by Wisconsin Spotlight, keys were delivered to him.

“Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein will be the onsite contact for the group,” the hotel’s instructions state.

Further, an email sent by Spitzer-Rubenstein places him inside the KI Center on Election Day, asking about where ballots would be located.

“Are the ballots going to be in trays/boxes within the bin? I’m at KI now, trying to figure out whether we’ll need to move the bins throughout the day or if we can just stick them along the wall and use trays or something similar to move the ballots between stations,” Spitzer-Rubenstein wrote to city officials two days before the election.

It sure sounds like Green Bay city officials have some explaining to do. Naturally, the mayor’s office has no comment.

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  1. Oh yes, sure, there was no election fraud. It’s time to clean up elections. If H.R. 1 passes the Senate, it will be time for red states to band together in a law suit against Federal election rules. Keep it within the states’ jurisdictions!

  2. Forget the lawsuit. Secede and create the real United States Of America rather than the United Socialist States of Amerika. I see secession as the only answer.

    • Agree but remember that the Democrats and NWO will throw any and every obstacle to stop evenany talk about secession. I am very deeply concerned that we are on the cusp of civil war. The commiecrats want an uprising soo that they can declare martial law. Then ask the UN to please send troops. Whose troops will respond? Probably the 30k Chinese army troops currently in Canada for joint Canadian Chinese Arctic warfare training. Which direction do you think they will head. Trudeau invited them. He was and probably still is a close friend of Obama.
      So secession won’t work right now but maybe soon if God grants !

  3. Oh boy, another law firm to be inundated with more taxpayer dollars that won’t be acted upon by the supreme court. And Justice for all sham continues.

  4. There was absolutely much more voter fraud in this election than any other in my lifetime. If we take all of the incidents and pool the numbers together, we will be shocked at the numbers. No one can tell us that a guy who spent most of his time in his basement leading up to election day could legitamently beat a man who was on the campaign trail more hours than anyone else. The normal middle of the road democrat would not have been fooled by Biden & company. He did not pick Harris for his VP, his handlers did! The election was outrageous and if republicans continue to roll over and play dead instead of fighting to correct those issues, we have seen the last republican president! Get ready for the socialist states of America under PRESIDENT HARRIS!

  5. WOW! I believe it was just last week that we learned that the Michigan vote count was way off in favor of biden! Now, this week it’s Wisconsin! Those two states alone put Trump on the threshold of victory… In reality, Trump crushed Biden without a doubt. They had to turn over at least 7-8 million votes for Trump to Biden. This shit needs to be rectified before the 2022 election. There needs to be FBI, CIA, military personnel, any one who is trustworthy watching over the entire election. If we don’t get that election right, I do fear a civil war, or at least a break up of America as we know it!

  6. There is so much dirt being exposed about 2020 election fraud. Is nothing to come of it? The social totalitarians have almost completed their takeover of the country. They hold all the cards at this point. Knowing that some cheating SOB in Green Bay cooked the books just adds to the frustration. We may be on the brink of a violent confrontation. So be it.

  7. WE THE PEOPLE: Write your Governor, write your State Senator, write your State Representative, write your Major, write your U.S. Senators, and write your U.S. representative.
    Most, if not all the States in the United States have penalties for vote fraud. All votes for individuals running for elections in 2020 need to be examined. I do not believe Mr. Biden won the Presidency; I do not believe most of the Democrats in the House won nor the Democrats Senators. I also believe that several of the Republicans might have been “help” at the elections.
    Anyone, changing the elections votes total after the original voter signed in, needs to be charged with the maximum penalties available. If any foreign nation such as: United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Iran, Pakistan or Chine were found to have totaled any of the ballots than that election needs to be thrown out and a New Election completed. Mr. Stalin stated everyone can vote – only “I will count the votes.” Who really counted the votes on Nov. 3, 2020 election?


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