BOMBSHELL: Lifelong Dem Turns On Party, Will Vote GOP For First Time…

(Republican Insider) – The Democratic Party has lost yet another voter to the GOP thanks to the utter failures of the Biden administration and the disaster their policies have left in their wake, such as a crisis at the southern border, massive inflation rates and increased prices for goods and gas, not to mention the horrendous debacle in Afghanistan.

According to a report from the Western Journal, Erica Ingram, who has been a Democrat for her whole life and whose 24-year-old son was murdered, shot to death outside of their Cleveland home in 2019, stated that she is strongly leaning toward voting Republican for the upcoming election cycle.

Ingram went on to single out J.D. Vance, the Ohio Republican candidate for the United States Senate, going on to tell NBC News that he best reflects the values and views she has about the current state of affairs in our nation.

“I can see him having compassion as to where the Democrats don’t have no compassion,” she explained. “They’re, like, weak. They don’t fight hard enough as to where the Republicans get up there and they pull out all stops.”

In other words, Democrats don’t have the intestinal fortitude to take a bold stand for the things Ingram believes in, too terrified of offending people and not walking that politically correct line, whereas Republicans will get the job done and not care about who gets offended in the process.

“Citing Cleveland Police Department figures, NBC News reported the city had 179 murders in 2020, its most ever, followed by its second-most in 2021, at 165,” the report said. “A Gallup poll taken in April found concern over crime and violence at its highest level since 2016, with 53 percent saying that they have a ‘great deal’ of concern.”

When you combine those with individuals who have a “fair amount” of concern, the number skyrockets to 80 percent.

“Not surprisingly Republicans hold a strong advantage in the handling of crime in Americans’ minds, especially after the left’s whole defund the police thing in 2020, during which Biden stayed pretty much silent. An ABC/Washington Post poll conducted in April found Republicans have a 12 percentage point lead over Democrats,” the Western Journal reported.

“That’s a marked shift from last summer, when Americans were about evenly divided on which party is better positioned to contend with crime,” the Washington Post went on to state in a report.

The frustration voters are experiencing with the progressive approach to dealing with crime can best be seen in the recall of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin just last month.

“Further south in Los Angeles, over 700,000 residents signed documents seeking to have their county’s district attorney, George Gascón recalled as well, citing his weak-on-crime policies,” the report continued.

The Associated Press put out a report last month that revealed Democrats are actually doing a whole lot more than saying they will vote for the GOP in this election. Many of them have stated they are switching up their entire political affiliation.

“More than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year,” voter registration data analyzed by the news organization went on to say.

“The previously unreported number reflects a phenomenon that is playing out in virtually every region of the country — Democratic and Republican states along with cities and small towns — in the period since President Joe Biden replaced former President Donald Trump,” the AP reported.

The switch from Democrat to GOP is most easily seen in suburban counties that lie outside of major cities like Denver, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.

“For example, in Lorain County, Ohio, just outside Cleveland, nearly every party switcher over the last year has gone Republican. That’s even as Democrats captured three-quarters of those changing parties in the same county during the end of the Trump era,” according to the report put out by the AP.

On Monday of this week, Fox News released its power rankings which forecasted massive victories for the Republican Party that will culminate in the taking of the House this November.

“With redistricting completed and the bulk of the primaries behind us, the Power Rankings model now reveals a clear advantage for the GOP in the House. With 218 seats required to take control, the GOP is forecast to take 225 seats to the Democrats’ 180 seats,” Fox News stated.

Even if Democrats were to somehow win every single toss-up race, they’d still remain the minority which would be struggling to stay alive.

“On the Senate side, the outcome is still much more up in the air, but favors a Republican takeover. The upper chamber is currently divided 50-50 between the parties,” the report continued.

Out of 34 seats that are up for grabs, 20 of them are located in solid red states, likely red or lean red categories.

“The GOP has to win only two of the five toss-up races to take control of the Senate, whereas the Democrats need to win four of those races just to reach a 50-seat ‘majority’ with the aid of Vice President Kamala Harris,” according to Fox News reports.

The Democratic Party is now damaged goods, which is excellent news for the future of America.

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  1. My sincere condolences Ms. Ingram on the loss of your young son. So heart breaking to lose a child who was murdered it’s so very sad. The Democratic Party doesn’t care, doesn’t feel your pain. The only thing they care about is everyone’s vote so they can stay in power, to have control so they remain rich. People of this country should listen to others who are from other countries that are controlled by dictators. They say it is a horrible way to live. The people are treated like crap, family members are murdered and they can’t do anything about it. The USA has always been the most greatest country to live, let’s keep it that way by voting Republican. Thank you and God Bless.

  2. Ingram has got that right! The Democrats are weak.

    We are the country that polices the entire world. It’s a dangerous world that we live in, we can’t have a weak political party. Especially one who doesn’t have a mind.

    When weak Obama was in office, Putin started his game in Ukraine. The game went on pause when Trump was elected, especially after putting the Rocketman in check. It was our first president with balls enough to go and meet the Rocketman. Putin didn’t start up right away when Biden was first elected. There was this talk about the election being stolen. And it was! Putin still had to wait it out to make sure Trump didn’t manage to get back in. Nothing like that has ever happened before in our election system so there was no prior history of how a country that supposedly prosecutes criminals would handle a situation like this. Once Putin could see he was safe from Trump, he started back up, excepts this time he had to make up for lost time.

    With the damage that the democrats have done to this once known as a great nation up until 1993. Of course democrats have caused damage prior to 1993, but the damage that was done in 1993 may put an end to our nation completely. The first irreversible and greatest damage ever done was when Clinton got a hold of Reagan’s NAFTA plan. Reagan’s idea with NAFTA was to help reduce drugs that were pouring in through our southern border. Reagan wanted open trade with Mexico to build up their economy. If the people of Mexico could work a job that pays well, they would feel more self worth which would make many of them much less likely to try to figure out how to smuggle drugs across our southern border. Plus they wouldn’t have reason to try to immigrate illegally into the USA just to settle with a $5 an hour job. Currently, the rate of pay is more in the neighborhood of $15 to 20 an hour with special thanks to Clinton. Most of our manual labor type jobs went to China so kids today have no idea at all of how hard their grandparents had to work. In the 80’s, I went through being a late teen and twenties. I knew what it was like to carry sheetrock into a new house so the sheetrock hangers could be stocked. I knew how to clean a swimming pool, many swimming pools. In Arizona, you only saw white kids cleaning pools. If they stay in that field of work, by the time they reach their 30’s, they learn to turn a wrench and strip electrical wires. Today, 2022, you only see old men stripping wires and turning wrenches. On rare occasions, you will come across a guy in his early thirties doing technical work but you have to be a millionaire to afford them. I’m perfectly content at age 59 charging $210 for my 90 minutes of time and marking up the cost of pump from a wholesale of $1,380.00 to a retail of $1729.99 plus the small mark up on the little items, PVC, electrical fittings. I recently hired this 32 year old kid to work for me on a 50% commission bases but of course with his gang raping charges, I didn’t keep him around. He wrote this same type of job up for $550 labor and wanted to charge $2,599 for the pump. Then for the $12 in PVC, he wrote it up for $100, same with the electrical wire and fittings. We are talking about 18′ of #12 wire. This customer paid it without question based on my reputation. You can’t look at it as he only gets 50% of the profit so he has to charge more. I personally only get 50% for jobs I do. I have overhead. I have to pay to make the phone ring. Pay someone to take the call. Pay for an office for the office girl to sit in and many other expenses.

    I know this last paragraph went off the subject quite a bit but it still relates to the damage that was created by the democrats or Clinton in general and you know him and his wife were paid really well when they changed trade laws in this country so manufacturers could become super rich or we can say sold us off to China so they could become super rich. China is a communist country. In a communist country it is a felony to be self-employed. I know of a lady who served 2 years for traveling to another European country to buy a trunk load of cigarettes to sell in her country, (USSR) on a street corner.

    What really needs to happen to save this country after all the destruction that our prior democratic leaders did to this country is for one, get Trump back into office. We need a very strong leader for this next step. The second step is to annihilate the Russian flag. Once it’s destroyed, we extend the state of Alaska to where we border with Ukraine, Finland, Rocketman, etc.

    Russia is very rich in resources; gold, diamonds, rhodium and most important for now, oil. Sure these mines and wells are privately owned but the owners also took part in funding the Ukrainian war. These owners can suffer just like the Ukrainian business owners had to suffer. Go figure, not long ago, these Ukrainian business owners were minding their own business, eating 3 times a day, driving a car to work and were able to drive home after work to their beloved family. Then within a snap of a finger, they are hiding out in dirty old basements, trying to sleep on a cold concrete floor. Then physically fighting with their neighbors in that same basement for a small bite of bread or an almost empty bottle of water to give to their starving daughter and son. Where the parents go without food and water just for the love of their children and yes, this is reality in Ukraine right now. I have friends there.

    To afford this war with Russia, we the people allow our government to work self-employed, overseeing the operations of mining and drilling for resources until our national debt is free and clear. At that point, our government shall then sell off all of these operations at a public auction. With the proceeds from the auction, our government can use the money for infrastructure like building a bridge so we the people can drive from Alaska to our latest territory. It’s obviously okay to steal a country. China did it. Russia is trying to steal Ukraine. As far as the cost of this war. It should be fairly inexpensive. If you take a close look at the Russian armor used in Ukraine, it’s obvious that it all was leftovers from the 1960’s and 70’s. Putin was so caught up on spending the country’s money on his 3 underground cities, he forgot to apply any towards defense. Plus, his military is very poorly trained. It would be a slam dunk.

  3. With the defection of so many Democrats and the traditional Democrat voting base, i.e., blacks and latinos, the only hope for the Democrats to stay in power lies with the invaders through our southern border. If we don’t deport them, our republic is certainly doomed.


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