Mike Lindell Set To Release ‘Irrefutable Evidence’ China Hacked Election

(Republican Insider) – Mike Lindell, the CEO and founder of the MyPillow company, is now promising to release “irrefutable” evidence that hackers backed by China switched many votes in favor of Joe Biden back during the November election. The CEO has said he will be opening a three-day “cyber symposium” in the state of South Dakota where this information will be shared.

A new report from WND, says Lindell believes that the evidence he has to present will end up being so convincing that the end result of going public with it will result in a unanimous decision from the Supreme Court to overturn the election results.

“Whether you’re a Democrat or Republican, this will be the greatest uniting of our country ever,” he told the Washington Times during a recent interview he conducted with them. “Because this isn’t about politics. This is about free and fair elections and about the 2020 [election]. And you’ve got to get that righted.”

Lindell also said that President Donald Trump is not involved in any way with the symposium he’s about to put on soon.

“The Minnesota entrepreneur has spent about $15 million on election-fraud investigations and the cyber symposium. But the toll on his company has been much higher, with hundreds of millions of dollars in losses as retailers have pulled his products,” the WND report says.

During the course of the conversation Lindell had with the Times, he stated that close to 500 people have already registered for the symposium, including some politicians or their delegates from 45 states.

Lindell has also made an offer of $5 million to anyone who shows up to the event who can disprove his claims.

“Lindell said a number of people came to him in early January saying they had recorded “packet captures” in real time on Election Day. He then hired a team of experts, who spent months validating the material and organizing evidence,” the report continues.

“CNN reported last week that election officials in more than a dozen counties that Lindell has claimed were hacking targets said their voting machines are not connected to the internet. They also insisted the results are confirmed by paper ballots, and in some instances official reviews have verified their counts,” the report says.

“Everyone in the world is going to be curious,” he said, going on to state that this symposium is going to be the “most seen event in history.”

“I believe that because everyone in the world is going to be curious and to see this,” he then said. “And they’re going to be talking, going, ‘You got to see this. This is real. The United States was, their election was taken, hacked into by China.'”

Lindell himself has already produced several documentary films to present his claims, including one titled, “Absolute 9-0,” which is a reference to a unanimous ruling from SCOTUS.

“As a consequence of his campaign, several retailers have stopped selling MyPillow products. And in February, one of the largest manufacturers of voting machines, Dominion Voting Systems, sued Lindell and MyPillow for $1.3 billion in damages for defamation,” WND says.

Lindell then responded by filing a countersuit for $1.6 billion saying that Dominion had infringed on his right to free speech.

“Last month, Lindell pulled ads amounting to $1 million per week from one of his biggest promoters, Fox News, because the network refused to run an ad for the cyber symposium,” the report adds.

“Even if I went down and lost everything and was penniless in the street, it wouldn’t matter,” he said. “This is it. It doesn’t matter about the money,” Lindell said with passion.

Lindell then went on to break down the schedule of the symposium, noting that 25 states will be covered on Tuesday, another 25 on Wednesday, ending the whole thing with a recap on Thursday, according to the Gateway Pundit.

The MyPillow CEO went on to say, “On the stage, 200 politicians will be here, we will have a whole page on all the states. We are going to start on the east coast and go across the country like they do on election night… You can go to Frank Speech every day.”

“We are going to have 5 people on the panel. We are hoping we get you up there. Some of the states we won’t spend much time on. Dr. Frank’s up there we’re going to show you what they did with the 2010 census… Right below me is a cyber center. You can go up there at any time and put in a county and you’re going to find out what the real count is… Anybody here can do that. On the last day I want those cyber guys to say – this data correctly correlates what the data says. We are going to bring them out and question the cyber guys. ‘What do you think?’” Lindell asked.

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  1. Give these communists trader politicians, a dose of what they need the truth, they don’t like the facts and love to brain wash the young people, college’s are filled with communists so called professors inserted with much help from o’bama, soros ect: treason plain and clear!

  2. The big question is who all is responsible for this possible election fraud which if true constitutes an insurrection. Not only is there adequate proof that it happened but is there adequate evidence as to who was involved? Another question is why is not the FBI and other government agencies investigating? The alleged election fraud is an attack on the sovereignty of our country and evidence that foreign powers were involved should be of a major concern. I believe that fraudulent election results should not be allowed to stand and those who perpetrated election fraud should be prosecuted.

  3. I hope Mike has a ton of security because it’s not below those rat pricks to have
    him killed..even before he has a chance to tell all….please take all the precautions you can Mike….those commie bastards are just waiting…..

  4. If this butt head had any evidence he would have produced it by now. Sorry, I’m not buying the BS from this guy. He’ll also get a chance to produce his irrefutable evidence in court during his lawsuits!

    • So FRED, you believe Biden was elected president with no fraud, right?
      Otherwise, why would you care. So, if Lindell is blowing smoke, where’s your evidence there was no fraud? AZ, GA, WI, PA all have irregularities being reported. Are you relying on CNN?

  5. The clowns with the negative comments are Commies and not worthy to live in our country! We as Americans are entitled to know the full truth..coverup or not! As for the FBI, hand in hand with the radical Democrats!


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