BOMBSHELL: Moderna Dumps 30 Million Unwanted COVID Vaccine Doses

(Republican Insider) – Looks like trouble for Big Pharma. Apparently they must have overestimated the ability of world governments to coerce citizens into being force-injected with the COVID shots.

As it turns out, they’ve got a whole lot more vaccines than they even know what to do with and it’s because no one wants them.

At the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland, on Thursday, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel said that his company is “in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them.”

Ah, what a shame.

“We have a big demand problem,” he said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Bancel said that Moderna has contacted several leaders in various countries to see if they want the vaccines but they have no interest. They’ve all, apparently, done as much forcing of the vaccines as they possibly could.

“And so, the challenge we have right now is very different to the one we had two years ago,” he said.

“Referencing the United States in particular, he said the issue in many countries is that people don’t want vaccines.”

Could it be because the vaccines have proven to be ineffective and unsafe?

Meanwhile, also in Davos, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said there are “billions” of unused doses of the COVID shots that the US and the European Union have purchased and offered at no cost to developing countries.

Just another way our tax dollars are out in the world, not working for Americans. What makes it even worse is the fact that, apparently, even these vaccines are going unused.

According to Bourla, the reason is “because we have discovered it’s one thing to have supply and another to have educated populations that believe the vaccines are doing well.”

In case you didn’t catch that, he called anyone who doesn’t want the COVID shots “uneducated.”

In a WEF presentation on Wednesday, founder Klaus Schwab whined to Bourla that they “were both targets of the anti-vaccine movements and conspiracy people.”

Bourla lamented that there is a “very fanatic group of anti-vaxxers that will go after us no matter what.”

“They will claim that the sun didn’t go up because people were vaccinated,” he said, suggesting that the people with legitimate concerns about the vaccines are not living in reality.

But “everything went OK,” Bourla told Schwab, “and now, I think, we can move on.”

The only one detached from reality, however, appears to be Bourla. Back in November, he asserted that people who were spreading “misinformation” about the COVID shots were “criminals” and were responsible for the loss of “millions of lives.”

He did, however, acknowledge in January that two doses of his company’s vaccine “offer very limited protection, if any” against the omicron variant, which was dominant at the time.

He also said that the mRNA vaccines “don’t have the safety profile that we hoped we can achieve with this technology.”

These people know the truth but they just don’t care. The only thing that actually matters to them is lining their deep, deep pockets with as much money as they possibly can.

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  1. Their problem is not that people are too dumb or “uneducated” to take their lousy vaccines. The problem IS, people NOW understand the vaccines are USELESS for preventing CoVid, and are likely harmful to your health. So it’s not a case of people being “too dumb to take them.” It’s a case of being “smart enough NOT to take them,” in SPITE of all their lies, government “mandates” to benefit Big Pharma, etc. These power-mad Globalist PUKES will just have to find some OTHER way to subjugate the masses and “reduce the population to sustainable levels,” won’t they!

    • I agree, got the first 2 shots and no more. Read up on the harm and realized if I got to wear a mask the rest of my life, I’ll wear a mask before I inject any more poison in my body. Just a scam to increase the profits of big pharma and the shareholders. and we know who most of them are! We are the wise and not the foolish that they most fear!

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