BOMBSHELL: Paul Pelosi Assault Suspect Is An Illegal Alien

(Republican Insider) – Despite what Joe Biden and his regime say, conservatives don’t promote or embrace violence. It also was not a conservative behind the violent attack of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi. As fate would have it, the attacker is an illegal alien.

If only California enforced federal immigration laws, Pelosi’s attacker never would have been in the US to commit the heinous crime.

On Monday, Fox News journalist Bill Melugin shared on Twitter that a source with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement told him that attacker David DePape is in the country illegally and described DePape as a “longtime” visa overstay.

Relatives of DePape told CNN that he grew up in British Columbia and moved to California decades ago. Only problem is, he didn’t do it legally.

DePape, 42, has been a habitual drug abuser, vagrant, and generally unproductive member of society in his time in the US. He’s also struggled with mental illness and his political views have been anything but consistent over the years.

San Francisco police gave their account of finding DePape struggling with the 82-year-old Paul Pelosi in the Pelosi residence early Friday morning.

They explained that DePape had pulled a hammer away from Pelosi and violently beat him with it. Both men ended up in the hospital after the incident.

Paul Pelosi, however, didn’t appear to be DePape’s target. He allegedly shouted, “Where is Nancy?” repeatedly after finding Paul Pelosi in the bedroom of their home, as CBS News reported. She was not home.

KRON-TV in San Francisco shed some light on just who DePape is, reporting that he is part of a nudist activist group in the city’s Castro district. He doesn’t appear to be either left or right as a blog published under his name expresses beliefs stemming from a variety of internet conspiracy theories from both sides of the aisle.

Some of DePape’s neighbors were interviewed by varying news outlets and all described him as a habitual drug abuser who showed signs of serious mental illness.

DePape now faces federal charges for the attack on Pelosi. A federal criminal complaint charges him with the attempted kidnapping of a federal official and an assault on the immediate family member of a federal official.

Despite the false narrative being spread by the fake news media and prominent Democrats, like failure Hillary Clinton, radical Gov. Gavin Newsom, and the Usurper in Chief Joe Biden, that the attack was fueled by conservative “rhetoric,” the truth is DePape is an illegal alien junkie who suffers from mental illness. All issues the left happily turns a blind eye to.

Conservatives wasted no time pointing this out. Donald Trump Jr. took to Twitter to slam California for their anti-American “sanctuary state” laws that do not work:

The reality is, DePape truly is a product of failed leftist policies, not so-called “extreme” conservative rhetoric. Don’t expect Democrats to admit that though. That would require them to be accountable and we all know that’s never going to happen.

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