BOMBSHELL STUDY: U.S. COVID Lockdowns Caused At Least 170,000 To Die

(Republican Insider) – Well, it seems all of the folks who championed lockdowns as an appropriate response to the coronavirus pandemic — a good chunk of these individuals want to try it all over again — were, as originally thought, totally wrong about the benefits of such a strategy.

A report from WND revealed that lockdowns contributed to a major spike in excess deaths in the U.S., with a 26 percent hike in excess deaths among working-age adults.

The percentage is highly significant, as the overwhelming majority of COVID deaths happened among elderly folks who have more than two chronic illnesses, also known as comorbidities, which suggests there was a cause other than the coronavirus itself that contributed to the deaths.

“The excess mortality rate for all people over 65 was 18%, according to the study by the National Bureau of Economic Research,” the WND report said.

“The researchers, Summit News reported, found that while COVID deaths ‘overwhelmingly afflict senior citizens, absolute numbers of non-Covid excess deaths are similar for each of the 18-44, 45-64, and over-65 age groups,'” the report continued.

A conservative measure says there were more than 170,000 non-COVID related excess deaths in the United States during the period of 2020-2021, researchers concluded. However, they also believe the actual number is higher, likely closer to 200,000, taking into account as estimated 72,000 “unmeasured COVID deaths.”

“The Economist magazine, which has assembled mortality data around the world, had a similar U.S. estimate, 199,000, which included unmeasured COVID deaths. That amounts to about 60 persons per 100,000,” the WND report stated. “For the European Union as a whole, they found, the estimate is about the same, 64 non-COVID excess deaths per 100,000.”

The researchers’ estimate for the nation of Sweden, which was one of the few places in the world that did not enforce a strict lockdown and mask mandate, is about 33 per 100,000.

The World Health Organization, a group of individuals that are likely attempting to take advantage of this pandemic and any that might occur in the future as a means of helping them secure power over sovereign nations, put out figures last month that indicated Sweden had fewer coronavirus deaths per capita than much of Europe.

The Telegraph of London put out a report that said in 2020 and 2021, the Scandinavian nation averaged an excess death rate of 56 per 100,000, compared to 109 in the United Kingdom, 116 in Germany, and then 133 in Italy.

“A meta-analysis by Johns Hopkins University released in February concluded the costs of the lockdowns outweighed any benefits,” the WND report said. “In their examination of more than 18,000 studies, the researchers found that during the first COVID wave in the spring of 2020, lockdowns in the U.S. and Europe reduced COVID mortality by only 0.2%.”

“While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted,” the researchers went on to say in conclusion.

The Brownstone Institute has now compiled more than 400 studies that have clearly demonstrated the “failure of compulsory COVID interventions, including lockdowns, closures and other restrictions on everyday life.”

In other words, we nearly destroyed our economy for nothing. Tell me again that this whole mess wasn’t about power and money redistribution. It’s pretty clear the government was hoping to capitalize off the damage they were causing to the economy and to the people of this country by pushing a fear campaign designed to break people down and make them more obedient and accepting of tyranny in exchange for the illusion of safety and good health.

Now they know exactly how to push us to get us to comply.

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