BOOM! ANOTHER Federal Court Blocks Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers — In All 50 States!

(Republican Insider) – Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates have been unconstitutional and illegal from the start. Sadly, many Americans have been coerced into taking the dangerous, experimental mRNA vaccines due to cowardly companies adopting the mandates.

Instead of taking a stand and refusing to implement the illegal mandates, thousands of companies have jumped feet first into full-blown medical tyranny.

Now, the mandates are getting struck down in the court of law just as we knew they would be. The latest ruling comes from a federal court in Louisiana, just one day after a Missouri federal court issued a similar injunction which only affects 10 states.

On Tuesday, Judge Terry Doughty of the Western District of Louisiana issued the preliminary injunction for healthcare workers at Medicare-certified facilities for all 50 states.

“If the executive branch is allowed to usurp the power of the legislative branch to make laws, two of the three powers conferred by our Constitution would be in the same hands,” Doughty wrote.

“If human nature and history teach anything, it is that civil liberties face grave risks when governments proclaim indefinite states of emergency.”

“During a pandemic such as this one, it is even more important to safeguard the separation of powers set forth in our Constitution to avoid erosion of our liberties,” he added.

Though Doughty acknowledged the Supreme Court would likely ultimately decide on the matter, he also said “it is important to preserve the status quo in this case. The liberty interests of the unvaccinated requires nothing less.”

Republican Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry praised the ruling against Biden’s “unconstitutional and immoral” mandate for healthcare workers.

“While our fight is far from over, I am pleased the Court granted preliminary relief against the President’s unconstitutional and immoral attack on not only our healthcare workers but also the access to healthcare services for our poor and elderly,” Landry said.

“I will see this case through to the end – fighting every step of the way to prevent the federal government from imposing medical tyranny on our citizens and turning last year’s healthcare heroes into this year’s unemployed.”

Earlier this month, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals also rebuked Biden’s vaccine mandate via OSHA for businesses with over 100 employees.

We’re making progress but the fight is far from over.

What’s even scarier is that healthcare providers aren’t just requiring the vaccine for their employees but, in some places, for patients too.

A Texas man died in April after being forced to get the Moderna vaccine, despite having natural immunity, in order to stay on an organ transplant list for new lungs which would have saved his life. His medical team forced him to get the shots which ended up killing him before he could even get new lungs.

No American should be forced into getting these vaccines for any reason. Only we know what medical decisions are right for us. We have to fight against the effort to force vaccines on us until the end. Do not comply.

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  1. What about non medical employees or just plain old Americans who don’t want the vaccines? Will this protect us from an overreach by the administration?

    • I’ve already had it and recovered. And I’m also old and ornery, so if any of Sniffy Joe’s jackboots want to live to be my age, they’d better think twice about coming on MY property…warrant or no.

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