Boris Epshteyn Drops Bomb, Says Subpoenas For Audit Are Being Prepared In Pennsylvania

(Republican Insider) – With the Arizona audit winding down, it’s time for other states to step up. We know that Democratic chicanery happened in several other states including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Georgia (to name a few) and it’s time for the elected representatives in these states to step up and do their jobs.

These people have been elected to represent the will of the American people who elected them. If there are serious doubts and concerns regarding the 2020 election from the citizens of these states (and we know there are) then it’s time for lawmakers to listen to the people and perform the audits and get to the truth.

Of course Democrats aren’t too fond of this idea. They don’t want any part of transparency or accountability. They have the audacity to make bold statements about their being absolutely no fraud whatsoever but when it comes time to make good on that statement they become volatile and defensive.

Why would Democrats be fighting so hard to stop elections audits and maintain their lies to the American people? Because they know the truth and they’re terrified Americans will soon too.

After 20 states sent delegations of representatives to tour the Arizona audit, it looks like some of those states are actually gearing up to kick off their own audits, maybe as soon as July.

Pennsylvania and Georgia are among those states and former Special Assistant to President Trump dropped a bomb while speaking with War Room host Steve Bannon on Friday:

Subpoenas are needed and necessary and it’s time for these elected Republicans to step fully up. And that’s exactly what I’m hearing is happening in Pennsylvania as soon as the next 48 business hours. I believe that the subpoenas are being prepared as we speak and maybe dropping as soon as next week – again for a full Arizona level audit in several counties in Pennsylvania.

He went on to explain that while the audit in Arizona is often referred to as the “Arizona audit” it’s actually just an audit of Maricopa County and that Pennsylvania would be a similar case. Not every county in Pennsylvania would be audited.

It appears that Pennsylvania lawmakers are attempting to determine which counties would need to be audited. State Senator and head of the committee that oversees elections, David Argall, told the Capital-Star that an audit is a “very real possibility” right now.

He also said that he is currently considering subpoenas for ballot information but has not yet determined which jurisdictions to send them to.

“There are a lot of things under consideration right now, and I told them to check back in a week or two, and we hope to have some more detail,” he told the outlet on Thursday.

Based on what Argall has said and what Epshteyn says he knows, it sounds like the wheels are in motion in Pennsylvania and this is huge news.

While elected officials in both Arizona and Pennsylvania say they aren’t attempting to overturn the election with the audit, in the end, how can we all just ignore what is found?

There must be action once the results of these audits are released to the American public. If results need to be decertified then that’s just what needs to happen. If Joe Biden didn’t actually get the votes, then he should not be sitting in the White House.

Things seem to be getting interesting in Pennsylvania. Stay tuned!

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