BREAKING: Biden DOJ Issues “Guidance” Threatening States Performing Audits Of Election Results

(Republican Insider) – Biden’s corrupt DOJ is now threatening states in an effort to get them to decide against performing forensic audits on their 2020 election results.

This should be even more motivation for states to perform audits and investigations. The DOJ has absolutely no authority over state elections and their threats deserve to be challenged.

ABC News reported that on Wednesday the DOJ released “guidance intended to caution states embarking on so-called post-election ‘audits’ of vote counts for the 2020 presidential election that they must not run afoul of federal voting laws.”

The “guidance” outlines “federal statutes” that the DOJ says election officials must follow during audits such as “preserving all federal elections materials and making sure they’re not tampered with.”

“This document sets down a marker that says the Justice Department is concerned about this, and we will be following this closely,” a DOJ official told reporters during a conference call Wednesday.

Of course, the DOJ isn’t concerned at all about the allegations and proof of election fraud and corruption. Their only concerns are that of protecting the fraudulent Biden regime and ensuring Americans never get to the truth.

This guidance is reminiscent of the warning issued by the DOJ back in May regarding the Republican-led Maricopa County audit in Arizona. The DOJ expressed concern over the handling of election materials by the private auditing firm Cyber Ninjas.

After the DOJ sent a threatening letter, Arizona officials decided to abandon their plans to go door-to-door to implore whether or not voters had actually cast the ballots that bear their names.

The guidance issued Wednesday explicitly warns against officials engaging in any efforts that could “intimidate voters.”

The latest guidance from the DOJ comes as Republicans in several states have expressed interest in kicking off their own audits and investigations into the 2020 election, most notably State Senator Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania.

The DOJ also issued a separate guidance on Wednesday addressing the range of federal laws that protect voting by different methods.

“It’s responsive to the fact that more Americans than ever are voting, not on Election Day in person in a polling place, but that are voting at voting centers or voting early or voting by mail,” one official said.

Why should Americans have so many avenues to vote when showing up in person at a polling place has worked for decades? It sure sounds like the Democrats are just desperate to make voting as vulnerable to fraud and cheating as possible.

An official said that the second guidance should be taken as “a note of caution to states that might be looking to roll back policies that expanded access to voting during the COVID-19 pandemic” and cited the election bill passed in Georgia as an example of such rollbacks.

Democrats exploited COVID-19 in order to make it easier to cheat. Republicans are right to curtail these expansions.

This latest guidance by the DOJ is just another attempt by the fraudulent Biden regime to protect the sham election results and maintain power and control and it’s pretty obvious.

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  1. But for the Republican majority in the Senate this idiot would have a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court instead of a four year term as the Attorney General!

  2. Sure sounds like someone is worried about what will be found , DOJ should worry more about the bad guys then threatening the States !!!

  3. All states should act in strict accordance to their own state laws, while scrutinizing this “NEW” federal wish list for legality. Document everything with video and hard copies. Arrest and prosecute any federal agent that over steps in your state….Period.

  4. States and States alone have all the Authority when it comes to Elections not the Federal Government. The Founding Fathers made it that way and if the Democraps want to change that then they must follow the rules for amending the Constitution. That means they would have to wait till all the States and a Majority of Congress approved the GARBAGE Democraps call a voting reform bill. Then America has to approve as well and that will take far longer than Democraps want. In FACT it like the Equal rights Amendment would take decades or longer to get the THEFT law they want put in place if it passed EVER. I call it THEFT law because Ex that is why it would allow. Democraps could steal every Election as they have TRIED to do with this PAST Election. Every American knows that Pedo Joe and the Ho LOST and it was only through MASSIVE FRAUD that they got enthroned in office.

  5. This fellow is confused about his “authority” so often MAYBE he needs a job description with the LIMITS outlined !!!!!!! The States are NONE OF HIS BUSINESS !!!!!


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