BREAKING: Bishop Who Barred Pelosi From Communion Gets Horrible News From The Vatican

(Republican Insider) – According to a report coming out of The Western Journal, not long after the San Francisco archbishop took action to ban Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion because of her stance on the issue of abortion, Pope Francis decided to give him a spanking by passing him over for a promotion, choosing instead to elevate a different bishop to the rank of cardinal, who is a prelate that holds an opposing position on politicians and the Eucharist.

So it seems progressives have fully infiltrated the Catholic Church and are now politicizing it to help them promote their own agenda. Of course, this sort of thing has probably been going on for a long, long time, but that doesn’t make it right. Corruption is infecting every part of our culture, even our religious institutions.

Francis named Diocese of San Diego Bishop Robert W. McElroy as cardinal over the weekend. McElroy has been extremely vocal about his opposition to the idea of bishops excluding pro-abortion (pro baby murder) politicians from receiving Communion, according to a report from Fox News.

“In choosing McElroy, Pope Francis passed over San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone for elevation, as Fox reported,” the report from WJ said.

“The issues of Communion and pro-abortion politicians has taken on new visibility since President Joe Biden took office,” the report continued. “Biden is only the second Catholic president in U.S. history.”

The first was President John F. Kennedy. However, due to the fact that Kennedy was assassinated a full decade before the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision took place, the issue of abortion was not something that played a role in his presidency.

“Now, the Supreme Court is potentially on the verge of overturning Roe v. Wade and the battle over abortion is fierce. However, Cordileone said his decision concerning Pelosi was not related to the court’s current position, according to Fox,” the report added.

According to the official doctrine of the Catholic Church, which goes back to the very founding of the institution, abortion has been viewed as morally reprehensible. In fact, the Donum Vitae, an instruction from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith from 1987 says:

“Human life is sacred because from its beginning it involves the creative action of God and it remains forever in a special relationship with the Creator, who is its sole end. God alone is the Lord of life from its beginning until its end: no one can under any circumstance claim for himself the right directly to destroy an innocent human-being.”

“On May 20, Cordileone publicly announced that he had barred Pelosi from receiving Communion in his archdiocese because of her forceful, public support of legal abortion,” the Western Journal reported.

House Speaker Pelosi was “not to be admitted to Holy Communion unless and until she publicly repudiate her support for abortion ‘rights’ and confess and receive absolution,” Cordileone stated in a public letter.

The archbishop also penned a letter that was addressed directly to Pelosi.

“You are not to present yourself for Holy Communion and, should you do so, you are not to be admitted to Holy Communion,” he stated in the letter, according to Fox News.

“Three other American bishops have joined Cordileone in barring Pelosi from Communion in their jurisdictions, and others have issued public statements of support for the Cordileone’s decision,” the WJ report said.

However, Francis has now passed Cordileone and named McElroy as a cardinal, making his point clear. He did not approve of the move from Cordileone and now he would be punished for taking that course of action.

McElroy has not been shy about warning against the idea of denying Communion to those who are in support of murdering babies in the womb.

“The proposal to exclude pro-choice Catholic political leaders from the Eucharist is the wrong step,” McElroy stated in a May 5 piece published by the Jesuit magazine America. “It will bring tremendously destructive consequences—not because of what it says about abortion, but because of what it says about the Eucharist.”

“The Eucharist is being weaponized and deployed as a tool in political warfare. This must not happen,” McElroy stated in the piece.

Pelosi had a few words of her own for Cordileone’s decision to ban her from Communion.

“This decision taking us to privacy and precedent is very dangerous in the lives of so many American people and again not consistent with the Gospel of Matthew,” she stated, Fox News said in its report.

“In his letter announcing Pelosi was barred from receiving Communion in his archdiocese, Cordileone quoted statements from Francis about abortion,” the Western Journal reported.

“When we fail to acknowledge as part of reality the worth of a poor person, a human embryo, a person with disabilities – to offer just a few examples – it becomes difficult to hear the cry of nature itself; everything is connected,” Francis wrote in the 2015 encyclical “Laudato Si. “Once the human being declares independence from reality and behaves with absolute dominion, the very foundations of our life begin to crumble, for ‘instead of carrying out his role as a cooperator with God in the work of creation, man sets himself up in place of God and thus ends up provoking a rebellion on the part of nature,'” he explained.

Bishops are given authority to make decisions concerning individuals who reside in their own jurisdictions.

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  1. I DON’T think GOD will APPROVE of the APPROVAL of MURDER, especially on JUDGMENT day . . . and JUDGMENT day IS coming, LIKE it or NOT. ABORTION is MURDER, and the MURDER of INNOCENT lives is an ABOMINATION as per PROVERBS 6:17. It’s a SURE FIRE ticket to the LAKE of FIRE. One Enlightened Patriot.

      • If you ae not Catholic keep you opinion to yourself. we personally don’t care what you believe or think. What is going on in the Catholic Church is problematic at best to good practicing faithful C
        atholics. liberal progressive non believers.

  2. This Pope does not uphold the teachings of Christianity, why he continues to be a Pope is surprising.
    Bishop Cordilrone should not let the Pope’s decision to overlook him for promotion deter the Bishop from his stand. It’s a material loss vs a spiritual gain. In the past people died because they upheld the tenets of Christianity.
    This Pope is way too political. He should seriously consider abstaining himself from Holy Communion.
    As for Pelosi; this type of behaviour is not new to her. Change centuries of tradition and teachings for her convenience.

    • Amen to that. What the hell is he reading, certainly not the same Bible I was brought up with and which I believe if I want my immortal sour to not go to hell. Do pope’s go to hell? Maybe we should be asking that question! Remember he comes from a Marxist country. Think he would know better.

    • What a brillant idea. TOo bad his can’t seem to remember that or seems to have forgotten.. You are 100% correct.

  3. The Archbishop made the correct call and he needs not give a second thought about what the Pope did concerning the Cardinal position. His only concern is what God Almighty thinks and not about a papal appointment. The “fear of the Lord” is far more important than any Cardinal position. He gave Nancy time for turning away from her spiritual rebellious decision and then repentance concerning her public position on abortion and she made her choice. So, the Archbishop made his choice and now Nancy lives with the decision in her hometown. This isn’t something that has happened overnight. It’s been an ongoing tug of war with her for several years, but finally came to a head where he could see she was set in her ways which was against Catholic teaching. The only reason she has made her decision of public support for abortion is because she thought he’d back down and give in as has been done for a long time. She guessed wrong this time and I respect him for his stance based upon the Catholic Church’s teaching. Nancy is no spring chicken and since she thinks she’s correct and such a good Catholic, then I guess she will go to her grave thinking killing babies in the womb is acceptable. She will find out what God Almighty thinks of her opinion and there will be no negotiation at that time. Her knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and her opinion doesn’t matter in the scheme of life on the other side of eternity.

  4. The Pope is wrong. The Bishop is right. The one law of the church that cannot been changed is conception begins life of humans and animals. Pelosi is not a catholic and she is not an example of a catholic either to represent catholics and the church. We teach our children that killing is wrong and than something like Pelosi votes for killing babies whether in the womb or born and what should our children think. Pelosi should not be an example, she is not a real catholic. The Bishop is. He is a good example of a Catholic. Pope Francis has been a questionable Catholic for me since he chose visiting a homosexual friend over visiting a true Christian who said no to homosexual marriage and lost job and years of leftist yelling at her at a time in her life when she needed the leader of the Catholic Church to back her up and tell she was right for standing up against haters of Christianity and he went to have tea with his homosexual friend as if he couldn’t do both if he wanted to.

  5. No small wonder the catholic church is losing followers. The pope seems to forget his role in the catholic church. I wonder WWJD to get rid of him.

  6. Bishop Who Barred Pelosi From Communion Gets Horrible News From The Vatican. So Pelosi now tells the Pope what to do and God to Phque off! Wow…

  7. At the time of Christ and the Apostles there were no Bishops, Cardinals, Popes or priests. This is a fabrication of a large but gravely inaccurate religious sect, not adhering to Biblical teaching.
    Roman Catholicism is an invention of Constantine who wished to merge Christianity with the Roman Empire. But never forget, that empire persecuted and murdered all twelve apostles along with thousands of other believers in Christ as God. The Romans crucified Peter upside down in what is now known as St Peters Square, then buried him and built The Vatican over his bones.
    The murdering Catholic leaders are still at it.

  8. Pope Francis is a diehard communist. Always has been, still is. He is teaching the polar opposite of Jesus and the bible. Many questioned why the sudden placement of this man. The reason is quite clear in this NEW WORLD ORDER. This is the reason he was placed in the Vatican without warning. The noticeable anti -Christian sentiment spreading worldwide and is a plan put into place by the evil participants of the NEW WORLD ORDER.

  9. Francis is a bought and paid for Pope.He is like Biden, someone whispers in his ear and he thinks it is his own thought.Worthless.

  10. Yes, I remember when obama visited the Pope and the Pope bowed and kissed obama’s ring., in public But it was believed at the time that Francis was discussing his and obama had a lot in common and politics was no exception. His decisions since then have supported the Koran and not the bible, seems like!

  11. It is a sad sad thing what has been done to the Catholic Church… the communists have taken power Those who oppose these communists are persecuted.

  12. Francis is the perfect “American Pope”. American Catholics have evolved into a group of people who want to “ pick & choose what parts of The Catholic Church’s teaching they wish to follow. Does the name Pelosi come to mind!!! Remember it was Catholicwomen who abandoned Trump, because they really want birth control,including abortion ! Rome has always been corrupt, not the True Church. The Church of Rome is rich beyond words, thanks to the Nazis! What part of the world did they run to after the War?? And where did Frances come from?
    Since RvsW was overturned, have you heard one Church of Rome leader rejoice ?? Wake up! The Curchof Rome is just another corrupt government!


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