Breaking: Capitol Cop Who Slew Ashli Babbitt Now Lead Murder Suspect In The Case

(Republican Insider) – On the fateful day of January 6th, 2021, die-hard Trump supporter Ashli Elizabeth Babbitt showed up to a rally in Washington, D.C. to protest against voter fraud that might have changed not only the course of the election, but also the very direction of our nation for generations to come.

On that day, when riots broke out and the Capitol building was besieged, Babbitt was shot and killed by a Capitol Police Officer who exercised zero restraint when it came to trying to prevent angry protesters from getting deeper into the facility.

Well, according to Gateway Pundit, the officer involved in the shooting has officially been identified in photographs dating from before and during the incident. The police lieutenant’s name is currently being withheld from the attorneys of Ashli Babbitt.

This photograph is of the man who shot Babbit using excessive force.

Anyone familiar with firearms pick up on what’s wrong in this photograph? This took place before Babbit was shot. The man is pointing his weapon at his colleagues.

This guy has taken every single gun safety rule known to man and crumpled them up and tossed them in the garbage can. He’s got his finger wrapped around the trigger and the gun is actually aimed at his co-workers. Think about that for a second? One jump scare and he would have shot one of his own colleagues.

Take a look at how the other officers are handling their firearms. That’s how professionals who care about the safety of themselves and others handle a weapon. No finger wrapped around the trigger.

The officer can be seen in this picture wearing an identical handkerchief, tie, and insignia.

This is the same photo, but massively zoomed in. Also featured here is Antifa member John Sullivan.

“The Officer could not see three uniformed Officers against the wall nearest to Ashli, was not able to see how far down the crowd extended, saw a hallway full of “oncoming people“, and claims Ashli Babbitt wearing a backpack compounded his fears leading to the shooting,” GP’s report noted.

“He contradicted himself multiple times in one statement. If he is telling the truth about not seeing the Officers, he is lying about Ashli Babbitt’s backpack compounding to his fears,” it added.

Attorney Mark Schamel, who is representing the shooter, released a statement saying, “If he’s not cleared, we don’t have a country we want to live in anymore.”

Folks, this case is just getting started. We want to see justice for Ashli. This killing is not a justified shooting. It was a clear case of excessive force.

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  1. Definitely a case of excessive force. He should not have been in possession of a firearm and needs to be held accountable. If he had been the average citizen, he would be lawyering-up for murder charges. I won’t pass judgement, that’s for a court of law, but others have been charged with murder in far more justified actions. Failure to have a court trial deprived the victim of justice under the law.

  2. Call BS on that individual having his finger on the trigger. The finger is extended straight out and I know that finger needs to be tucked in and bent to be inside the trigger guard. For libtards that have no clue on how to operate a handgun, happy swallowing

  3. If Ashli were a Black Woman and the protest was for a left cause, we would of have mass rioting and looting in every major city in America! The officer involved would have already been charged with first degree murder! The lefts mantra of social justice is the biggest scam in this Country!


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