BREAKING: Cher Issues Dire Warning: “If Dems Lose House Or Senate We’re F***ed.”

(Republican Insider) – There are a whole lot of obnoxious celebrities out there these days who are voicing their opinions about politics, the vast majority of which are super progressive, with a few to the far left of Karl Marx.

Lots of these boneheads preach to the masses in what we can only imagine are strained voices chock full of fear and hysteria, demanding we all get on board with the radical leftist agenda or else be labeled all kinds of nasty things.

One of these harpies is none other than famous pop singer of yesteryear, Cher, who is currently losing her mind all over Twitter. Apparently, a tweet she posted has expressed her deep concern about the midterm election coming up this year.

According to a piece from WND, the singer warned, “What’s coming is DIRE. Know its Scary, You Don’t Want 2 Hear. But if Dems lose House or Senate We’re f***ed.”

She then went on to say if the Democrats lose the White House come 2024, we should “stick a fork in democracy, it’s done.”

Isn’t this hilarious? Cher honestly does not understand that conservatives want MORE freedom, not less. She seriously thinks that Republicans want to limit liberty. How can a person be so blind or just plain stupid not to see that it’s the Democrats who are assaulting liberty? It’s beyond insane.

“It seems the singer-actress was counting on passage by the Democrats of the so-called ‘Voting Rights Act’ that would actually federalize the elections. Cher singles out Sens. Joe Machin, of West Virginia, and Kyrsten Sinema, of Arizona, who both refused to back President Joe Biden in ramming it through the 50-50 divided Senate and getting Kamala Harris to give them a win,” the WND report stated.

Cher then goes on to make accusations against Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, stating they were depriving black “brothers” and “sisters” of the right to vote. In other words, she’s totally on board with Biden.

The singer also expressed her thoughts and feelings about the current state of the Democratic Party when she called in as a guest during an MSNBC program.

“I really wish the Democrats would just go on full-tilt and run around with their hair on fire,” she said to host Lawrence O’Donnell during their conversation.

“I know it’s not the nice thing to do or it’s not the genteel thing to do, but time’s-a-wasting, guys, and somebody’s got to light a fire,” she continued.

Well, I hate to break it to Cher, but it seems very likely that her worst nightmare is probably going to come true. Not the ridiculous bit about black people losing the right to vote somehow or not being able to vote.

The part about the GOP having a massive victory this year in the midterms.

A commentary piece written by Randy DeSoto over at The Western Journal predicts that the Republican Party is going to have a massive win no matter what.

According to DeSoto, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will likely be ousted as head of the House Democrats, regardless of what happens during the midterm elections, according to a report from the Washington Post.

So there you go, folks. We simply cannot lose this year!

“After almost 19 years as House Democratic leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) is expected to step down at the close of this Congress, ending a historic career that included trying to end George W. Bush’s Iraq War, implementing President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law, impeaching President Donald Trump twice and squeezing President Biden’s sweeping agenda through a narrowly controlled House,” the Post said in its report.

“Pelosi, who became the Democrats’ leader in 2003, promised during negotiations to return as speaker in 2018 that she would only serve through 2022, according to a Washington Post report from the time,” the report stated.

“The 81-year-old hedged, slightly, in November 2020 when pressed if she would keep her pledge, saying, ‘I don’t want to undermine any leverage I may have, but I made the statement,'” the piece reported.

The Post report then revealed that the likely successor for Pelosi is Democratic Caucus Chairman Rep. Hakeem Jeffries from New York, who is one of the most outspoken left-wingers in the House.

What’s really interesting is that if you look at the results from midterm elections going back decades, the data reveals that when a president’s approval rating drops below 50 percent, his party usually experiences a massive loss in the House, which often includes a loss of control over the chamber.

Biden’s approval rating is well below 50 percent.

So yeah, guess Cher has a reason to lose sleep tonight.

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