BREAKING: Doctor Brings Up Biden’s Medical Diagnosis That May Explain His Bike Fall

(Republican Insider) – On Saturday, Biden was riding his bike when he decided to stop and chat with a group of what appeared to be supporters. When he stopped, he fell off the bike. This tumble has inspired countless memes on social media and while we all joke and laugh, the bigger issue is that it proves just how mentally unfit Biden is to be the commander-in-chief.

Biden claims his foot simply got caught in the cage of the pedal, which can happen, but since this is Biden we’re talking about, an elderly man with obvious dementia, we can’t help but be skeptical.

We’re not the only ones.

Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News contributor, also believes Biden’s fall was indicative of a much broader cognitive issue.

During an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Dr. Siegel, a clinical professor of medicine said, “I’m a cyclist and I’ve been a cyclist all my life. … Now he’s 79-years-old but we heard from his physical last year — has everyone forgotten this — that he had a sudden change in gait — rigid gait, stiff gait. … It looked very awkward to me as a cyclist the way he fell out of that pedal, and I’m not used to seeing that.”

“There’s a study in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience that came out in 2017 that said that cycling is the exact right exercise to use if you have Parkinson’s — which I don’t know if he has — problems with gait or problems with thinking, executive function.

“We’re talking about the chief executive here Tucker, the chief executive, needing bicycling for executive function? I think the public has a right to know. … We need to know what’s going on with his gait and what’s going on upstairs,” Siegel said.

Sure, Americans would like to get a straight answer about what’s wrong with Joe Biden mentally, but it’s pretty obvious he’s suffering from dementia.

According to MedlinePlus, gait can be “a stiff, foot-dragging walk caused by a long muscle contraction on one side,” or a “foot drop where the foot hangs with the toes pointing down, causing the toes to scrape the ground while walking, requiring someone to lift the leg higher than normal when walking,” among other variations.

As Dr. Siegel mentioned in the interview, Biden’s physical in 2021 did indeed reveal that he had gait, “As stated above, the President’s gait appears to be perceptibly stiffer and less fluid than it has been in the past,” the document read.

“It is also well known that approximately a year ago he sustained a fracture in his right midfoot, which could certainly contribute to a gait abnormality.”

If Biden were any other elderly man, it would certainly not be funny to see him fall off a bike. Biden, however, is the face of the radical regime that is actively working to destroy the US and our very way of life. Forgive us for being short on sympathy.

The real question is, and has been, is Biden mentally fit to hold the office of the presidency?

While he clearly has some shortcomings when it comes to being a leader, the real issues come from the fact that he can barely string words together coherently and constantly experiences gaffes and slip-ups when speaking.

Biden is clearly struggling with some very real cognitive and physical issues that ought to be addressed rather than continually swept under the rug by those pulling the strings.

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  1. Let’s see! Kamala resigns. Democrats nominate Michelle to replace
    Her . Then Democrats get the hook out for Biden. Is 25th Amendent
    and guess what is next

  2. I agree with CornPop. I’ve had friends who family members have gone through this with their parents, they’ve seen the sign and symptoms have all agreed it is onset Dementia. The way he gets angry, stammers, and drifts in and out of sentences. His family wants to be in the spotlight so badly they’ll do anything to ignore it.

  3. Jerky Joe is going downhill fast. That’s painfully obvious. He has a dazed look as if he doesn’t know where he is or what he’s supposed to be doing. He exhibits angry outbursts at virtually nothing. He blames others for the problems that he himself created. These are classic signs of senile dementia. He should be in a senior residence, not the White House. I don’t feel one bit sorry for him. He’s destroying our country.

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