BREAKING: Double Vaxxed And Boosted Southwest CEO Tests Positive For COVID After 3-Hour Senate Committee Testimony

(Republican Insider) – On Thursday, the CEOs from the top airlines in America testified before the Senate Commerce Committee for a whopping three hours, in-person, which sounds like the absolute worst form of torture imaginable.

According to 100 Percent Fed Up, right after this meeting, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, who just so happens to be double-vaxxed and has taken the booster shot, tested positive for the coronavirus. That’s right, folks. All of those shots did not amount to a hill of beans when it came time for the rubber to meet the road.

As you probably already guessed, the left is desperate to avoid admitting that maybe, just maybe, these vaccines are totally, utterly useless, going on to call what happened to Kelly as “COVID karma” for his not wearing a mask at the hearing.

Listen, folks. If THREE vaccine shots isn’t enough to prevent someone from catching this illness, what good is a mask going to do? Remember back when people said that once the vaccine came out we could ditch masks?

Well, the vaccines apparently don’t work all that well, so now you need a gazillion booster shots and wear a mask as the magic combination to top COVID. It’s ridiculous.

“Eric Feigl-Ding, a public health ‘scientist’, tweeted that ‘COVID karma is real’, and added he will never again fly Southwest as long as Kelly is CEO. Hopefully Feigl-Ding doesn’t like flying Delta, American Airlines, or United Airlines either, because none of their attending CEOs/COOs were wearing masks either. It’s worth adding that the lawmakers at this hearing were also not wearing masks,” the report said.

“As usual, the Left is ignoring the fact that Kelly had three vaccines, and had tested negative prior to the hearing. Maybe instead of focusing on the masks, the Left should reconsider their undying faith in the ineffective vaccines?” the report went on to ask.

Despite the fact that Kelly is still very much pro-mask mandate on all flights and has done exactly what leftists want by getting all of the shots available, it’s still not enough to appease the insane lefties out there. Now users on Twitter are referring to him as a “moron,” with one going so far as to say they are “sorry to hear he’s making a recovery” from the virus.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Those wonderful leftists who gush on and on about how they are all about trying to save lives and want to keep people healthy are so obsessed with wearing masks they are willing to wish death upon anyone who dissents from their belief system in the slightest fashion.

Thankfully, there are still quite a few folks who work for these airlines, including pilots, who aren’t going to allow the leftist mob to censor them or control them during this pandemic.

According to this report, a pilot who works for Kelly’s Southwest Airlines decided to flip the bird in verbal fashion by using the popular “Let’s Go Brandon” phrase that has taken the country by storm over the intercom system during a flight.

This phrase is a more PG-version of the infamous “F*** Joe Biden” chant.

“A reporter from the Associated Press ‘broke the story’ and reported that there were audible ‘gasps’ from passengers on the plane when the unnamed pilot said, ‘We’re heading east at about 107 or 108 mph. Clear visibility, mostly clear skies, about 77 degrees. Thanks for coming out, flying Southwest Airlines, welcome home and remember, ‘Let’s go Brandon,’” the report stated.

A video of the recording was later posted on TikTok, which then led to the woke nut-jobs flooding on to Twitter to pounce the pilot and demand he lose his job for using the phrase.



♬ Southwest L G B – thatpatriotmom

We all know that if Trump was president and a pilot “cussed” him out, the left would be hailing this individual as a hero, which just goes to show the hypocrisy that the left is totally infected with.

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  1. To the stupid person that said trump tried to over throw the gov is a lie you need to get your facts straight before you spout your mouth off if you like the trash that pedofile Biden Is doing to this country then you got to be brain damaged

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