BREAKING: Five Michigan Counties Risk Breaking Federal Law And Cease And Desist Orders By Erasing 2020 Election Data From Their Voting Machines

(Republican Insider) – In some states, elected officials have stepped up to the plate and demanded audits and investigations into the fraudulent 2020 election. Arizona is all but finished with their historic audit of Maricopa County, Republicans in Pennsylvania and Georgia are moving forward to initiate audits, and even the great state of Texas is calling for audits.

Then there’s Michigan. Five counties in Michigan are spitting in Americans’ faces. An exclusive report by the Gateway Pundit has revealed that these five counties are allegedly planning to move forward with guidance from the state which will result in all activities on voting machines being erased.

They’re reportedly moving forward with the state guidance despite Cease and Desist orders that have mailed out to all counties in the state.

Not only did they receive Cease and Desist orders but federal law requires information related to the 2020 election to be maintained and kept safe for 22 months after the election. We’re nowhere near 22 months post-election.

Nonetheless, five counties appear to be perfectly fine with violating federal law and Cease and Desist orders to protect the fraudulent election and continue to promote distrust among Americans in our elections.

The Gateway Pundit received this information from Twitter user Kagbro88 who claims the counties have said they are moving ahead with the guidance from the state to remove the batteries in the machines.

Removing the batteries in the machines would also remove all the memory from the machines. Why is this necessary other than to intentionally wipe out the information on the machines so that no future audits or investigations could possibly find any evidence of election fraud.

Can’t find evidence of voter fraud if there’s no evidence at all. What a sad state of affairs in Michigan.

Midland and Manistee Counties are two of the counties moving forward with the state’s request.

Lake County says they are waiting for their attorney’s opinion while Dickinson is moving ahead with the “maintenance.”

Iron County is planning on going ahead with the state’s request as well.

TGP points out that not only will removing the batteries remove all the machines’ memory but it will also cause the machines to be out of compliance which will mean they will have to be recertified in order to be used again.

If the taxpayers and US citizens residing in Michigan want to see an audit then it’s the responsibility of their elected officials to make that happen.

There is absolutely no good reason for these counties to be taking this action aside from intentionally concealing election fraud.

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  1. Judges need to go seize the machines and have them guarded by responsible security until they decide the next move. Judges need to also let those trying to destroy data they will be criminally charged if they do.

    • I so agree !!! This seems to be a positive step to prove who won the election and just who need
      s to be held accountable !!!

  2. If they won’t let an audit be done, then we know that those counties were absolutely crooked!!!! A lot of Michiganders have had Enough of all the crap going on in our State!!!

  3. any Michigan county that breaks Federals law should have there county officials that breaks the law held accountable !!!

  4. They all need to use there heads and think about the election issues , Everyone wants a fare election and to destroy, cover up , or neglect there duty is a crime and a shame. We all Americans deserve to know the truth and nothing but the true so help us!!

  5. Why don’t they copy the data off of the machines before they pull the batteries? If very much looks as though they have something to hide.

  6. They are all crooked. After November 3rd, I wrote an email to every Republican Senator and Representative in the State of Michigan asking them to investigate what happened in Michigan. I did not hear back from any of them. I wrote them again after Giuliani and the people with their affidavits presented their evidence to the State Legislature/Senators–never heard anything back–but I also told them, I could tell by the way they acted they had no intention of investigating the fraud that took place. Don’t they realize our elections affect them as well? If they don’t support investigating the election fraud in Michigan, they should NEVER be elected to any office again. If they are able to go along with the fraud and had no interest in getting to the truth, why would we want them to ever represent us in any office in the future? I was also asking about the down list after November 3rd. When the votes switched did the down list switch or did it even get counted? So much went wrong in the November 3, 2020 election that totally destroyed my confidence in future elections. Everyone is talking about 2022 and 2024, do they think it is going to matter if 2020 isn’t figured out and addressed?? They stole it in 2020, if not fixed it will continue to be stolen. Biden said “we put together the greatest voter fraud in American history” and everyone in the media passed it off as a “gaffe”. He was taped saying this–this is probably the only time in his life he told the truth. Well now he is saying, “By 2024 there won’t be a Republican Party”. This is probably the 2nd time he will be telling the truth. People need to realize this fraud has to be exposed because if the Democrats get away with it, they will continue to do so. Does anyone really think, the Democrats are going to let go of power now that they have it? I bet if you look back on the 2018 election, you will see cheating took place then too. I believe that, after the 2020 election, because most people vote a straight Democrat or straight Republican ticket, so in all the swing states (except GA), the state house and state senate are Republican majority but the executive branch (governor, SOS and AG) were all Democrats? How did Republicans win the down ticket? We don’t vote from the bottom up. The 2018 was testing for 2020 and putting in place Democrats that would uphold the fraudulent election results. I am willing to do whatever I can to get to the bottom of this. I wrote to every Republican Senator in the US senate regarding the election as well. Telling them the 2020 election had to be investigated or forget 2022 and 2024–Democrats will not give up power easily; they cheated and if they continue to get away with it, a Republican will never win an election again. No one responded to me except RINO Pat Toomey of PA and of course he said no voter fraud happened. I wrote the US Supreme Court numerous times regarding this election and with them being the highest court in the land, where else do the American people turn to hear their voices heard–the 2020 election needed to be investigated. They barred me from using their email. I agree with Stephanie, fraud took place in all 50 states on November 3rd. This election was not just stolen from President Trump. This election was stolen from the American People! Now insanity rules! The Scriptures say in the last days lawlessness shall abound. Makes me wonder the way everything is going in the world, where right is wrong and wrong is right, that we should start looking up for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ!


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