BREAKING: Gutfeld Reacts To Left Losing It Over ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

(Republican Insider) – The left truly is the party of hypocrisy. They have seemingly forgotten all about the long list of vile and profane things said and done towards President Trump when he was in office by members of their so-called “tolerant, accepting and loving” woke cult.

When a Southwest Airlines pilot said “Let’s Go Brandon” to a plane full of passengers on a flight from Houston to Albuquerque, it resulted in an epic meltdown from unhinged liberals who pretended as though the utterance of the phrase was appalling and inappropriate.

They reveled in their indignation on Twitter and proved they either suffer from severe amnesia or they’re just blatant hypocrites.

The left has been throwing a tantrum over the nationwide phenomenon that is the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant and when the Southwest Airlines pilot uttered the phrase with an Associated Press reporter on board it was the catalyst that has officially sent the left careening off the deep end.

“TFW you’re trying to go on vacation and then the pilot says the very thing you’re working on over the loud speaker and you have to try to get him comment but then almost get removed from plane,” AP reporter Colleen Long wrote on Saturday.

“Vulgarity stand-in from @SouthwestAir cockpit,” Washington Post editor Cathleen Decker stated in response to the piece.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld wasted no time mocking unglued leftists’ hurt feelings over the phrase, “They freaked out from takeoff to landing because he said, ‘Let’s go, Brandon!’ It’s the one LGB the left hates to see.”

The left ironically asserts that the phrase is just so “disrespectful” and “hateful” to “president” Joe Biden but they have clearly forgotten just how vulgar and disgusting they behaved when Trump was in office.

“We’re going to impeach the mother fu***er.” – Rashida Tlaib.

“F*** Trump.” – Robert DeNiro.

The New York Play adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” depicted the assassination of Trump.

Kathy Griffin’s photo with a severed, bloody head of Trump.

Madonna threatened to blow up the White House.

Snoop Dog making an entire music video about killing President Trump.

Just to name a few and there are many, many more instances of lesser known leftists saying the most profane, disgusting things about #45. Far too many to count or catalog. It was just commonplace for leftists to degrade and insult President Trump and, apparently, they were allowed to say and do all those things.

They were justified because leftists are just so much more superior and righteous than the rest of us. You know, with all their love, acceptance and tolerance.

President Trump was the punching bag of deranged leftists for years and after they tried to have an all-out meltdown over an airline pilot uttering “Let’s Go Brandon,” those in the Twitterverse were quick to point this out:

Let’s Go Brandon!

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  1. I DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS FUNNY, HUMOROUS CATCH PHRASE: ”LET’S GO BRANDON”…. Why do these unhinged liberals and Democrats take offense here?
    Compared with all those vile stupid name calling these idiots liberal Democrats and uneducated celebrities hurled at the former President- “LETS GO BRANDON” is NOT OFFENSIVE AT ALL !!! it’s nothing but fun expression. I think I’ll start using this catch phrase as often as needed.


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