BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Now A National Security ‘Threat’

(Republican Insider) – Without a doubt, one of the most important news stories from the 2020 presidential election, one that the propaganda makers in the mainstream media tried to keep buried in order to help sway the race in favor of Joe Biden, is the Hunter Biden laptop.

This computer hard drive contained information about his trafficking with hookers, the influence he once held over biolabs in the Ukraine, and his business dealings with overseas power players and influencers.

Media outlet the New York Post are the ones responsible for breaking the story in the first place, right before the 2020 election took place, however a coalition of legacy and social media companies worked together to suppress the story, a move that a poll conducted later on seemed to suggest that Biden only managed to pull off a win because of the propaganda.

And now, according to WND, Hunter Biden’s laptop is now being considered a threat to national security.

Margot Cleveland, a senior contributor to the Federalist who formerly worked for the federal appellate court as a judge for many years, wrote about her fears concerning the take back.

Cleveland went on to cite a recent Daily Mail report which linked Hunter Biden to financing a “U.S. military ‘bioweapons’ research program in Ukraine.”

“The Daily Mail, with access to a copy of that hard drive, said the Russian government’s claims that “Hunter Biden helped finance a U.S. military ‘bioweapons’ research program in Ukraine” ‘may well be true,'” the report said.

That, the report went on to say, is according to “emails and correspondence obtained by from Hunter’s abandoned laptop.”

The report then explained, “the emails show Hunter helped secure millions of dollars of funding for Metabiota, a Department of Defense contractor specializing in research on pandemic-causing diseases” also revealing that he also “the emails show Hunter helped secure millions of dollars of funding for Metabiota, a Department of Defense contractor specializing in research on pandemic-causing diseases.”

Cleveland wrote in her piece, “While these developments add another scandal to the long list of Biden family dirty laundry, the more urgent concern for the country should be the continuing threat to our national security posed by a compromised President Biden and the possibility that Russia has access to the catalog of compromising material contained on Hunter’s laptop.”

She went on to continue, “Mere weeks before then-President Donald Trump and Joe Biden faced off in the November 2020 presidential election, The New York Post published emails obtained from a laptop Hunter Biden had abandoned at a repair shop in Delaware. Those emails revealed that during the elder Biden’s time as Barack Obama’s vice president, Hunter engaged in a pay-to-play scandal, trading off his father’s position to strike deals with players in Ukraine and China. The venture was a family one, with Joe ‘the Big Guy’ Biden listed in one email as set to receive a 10 percent cut of one pending deal and Hunter telling his daughter in another message that ‘pop’ took half of his earnings.”

However, as we all know, the information was suppressed, even with a letter that said “more than 50 former senior intelligence officials,” going on to make the false claim that this report was nothing more than Russian propaganda.

“But now even The New York Times has finally confessed the laptop is real, and now come details from the Daily Mail about the laptop explaining how he secured millions of dollars in funding for Metabiota, a DoD contractor doing research on diseases,” WND reported.

“The revelation came just a day after Russia’s State Duma speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin accused President Biden with being “involved in the creation of bio laboratories in Ukraine,” a statement that also accused Hunter Biden of that funding project,” the report continued.

“While none of the emails released on Friday support Russia’s claim that the Ukrainian labs were used to research or create bioweapons, propaganda need only hold a sliver of truth to serve its purpose,” Cleveland stated. “And the cache of emails contained on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop provides Putin and his comrades enough evidence to seemingly confirm the Russian government’s earlier claim that Hunter Biden helped implement a bioweapon program in Ukraine. This false framing also provides Russia ammunition to justify its attack on its neighbor to the west.”

A claim like this made by Russia, the emails from Hunter Biden do indeed confirm a biolab in Ukraine which “raises a serious question with huge national security implications: How did Russia know the day before The Daily Mail’s exclusive that the Hunter Biden’s investment fund, Rosemont Seneca, had invested in Metabiota and been involved in Metabiota’s operations in Ukraine?”

“The timing of events last week suggests Russia has access to the same emails as The Daily Mail or that Vladimir Putin’s agents might well have obtained access to Hunter Biden’s first laptop – the one the president’s son believed Russians had stolen in 2018. In either case, the Biden family corruption documented on the laptops has gone from a potential national security risk to a real one—and in the midst of a war launched by Russia on a country bordering North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies,” Cleveland said.

She stated that the Bidens, intelligence agencies and “the corrupt media” are all responsible for the current danger “Americans now face.”

“Even when coupled with the complicity of former members of the intelligence community, all of Joe Biden’s lies would mean nothing if the media had done its job and reported the story when it still mattered. It’s too late now, however: Biden is our commander in chief and Putin potentially holds a cache of compromising information perfect for propaganda purposes,” Cleveland went on to add.

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