Breaking: Vaccine-Related Deaths Go THROUGH THE ROOF

(Republican Insider) – By now, the vast majority of Americans who want the experimental COVID-19 vaccines have gotten them and those who don’t want them are the ones who remain unvaccinated.

In light of Joe Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandates issued last week, it’s now more important than ever not to comply or give in to the pressures and the bullying. These shots are downright dangerous.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the push to get vaccinated by your employer, friends, family or the federal government, here’s your reminder of just how dangerous these “vaccines” can be.

The US government’s own database that keeps track of deaths related to vaccines has exploded since the COVID-19 vaccines have come along. The numbers are absolutely astronomical and in no sane world would these shots even be offered to humans let alone forced on them.

According to the Beltway Report the Vaccine Adverse Event Report Systems gets more than 60,000 reports each year of adverse vaccine reactions. Among those reports, there are around 1,400 deaths reported each year.

Since the COVID vaccines have come on the scene “there have been 14,701 deaths reported,” and that’s just the deaths that have been reported (screen shot here). There are many more but for one reason or another they are never reported as related to the vaccines.

Excluding the COVID-19 vaccines, the number of adverse reactions, including deaths, reported to VAERS is said to only reflect about 1% of actual adverse events each year. That’s scary enough on its own. Factor in the COVID-19 vaccines and the real pandemic seems to be the nefarious, government-endorsed shots.

According to the Beltway Report, “Many of those have come from within the last month and a half with around 3,300 deaths. That’s about 70 per day!”

The Beltway Report points out that “hardcore pro-vaccine folk” use the fact that anyone can report to VAERS as an argument to suggest that the reporting site is not a reliable source however this is pretty ironic considering how badly leftist fudge COVID case numbers to exaggerate the pandemic for the purpose of scaring people into getting vaccinated.

Not to mention the fact that thousands of people are injured or killed by vaccines every year that go unreported to VAERS because family members or medical professionals refuse to make the connection between the adverse event and the vaccine.

That’s being seen right now with the COVID shots. Otherwise healthy, younger adults are literally dying shortly after receiving these vaccines but the connection is just not being made.

VAERS is severely under-reported while COVID rates are severely over-reported. This is a pretty dangerous combination but leftists have no shame. They know the shots are ineffective and dangerous yet they push them and support forcing their fellow Americans to get jabbed against their will.

They are even in favor of purposefully fudging COVID numbers as a fear tactic in their efforts to push the vaccines.

These people are sick and they don’t care about your health or your safety. Do not give in. If you have not taken the shots, don’t. There’s no guarantee you won’t end up another VAERS statistic.

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  1. I don’t believe this shit. Seems like they are trying to get more people to die by encouraging/scaring people from getting the shots.
    This is some kind of socialist propaganda. There is much more positive news to get the shot than not. By the way none of the programs are originated from Joe Biden. He is so fucked up from Alzheimers he literally signs anything put in front of him.

  2. Homer, you are very wrong but i support you feeling that way. I know 5 people who were doing well, about to be released and died. This is just in the past 3 months in a small circle of friends. Explain that!

  3. Homer…what kind of dope are you smoking?? What MORON would take an EXPERIMENTAL drug when there are therapeutic that will cure your SO CALLED CHINA FLU??????????? 99.5% EFFECTIVE!!!!!! Listen people do NOT take THE SO CALLED VACCINES!!!!!!!!!! It’s ALL ABOUT CONTROL over YOU. Stand up for your RIGHTS!!!!!! For if you don’t, you will LOOSE THEM!!!!! This BIDEN administration wants to CONTROL EVERYTHING that you do. Get off your asses and do the research, IT’S ALL OUT THERE, All you have to do is LOOK!!!

  4. I agree with Don. The are slowly leading the sheep (older voters) to slaughter. With us out of the way there socialist progress will be easier to spread. Young people will do as their told and not question anything. They can’t or won’t think for themselves.

    • Where did you get the information about congress and their families being exempt from the covid shot? That is absolutely wrong, most have gotten their shots. I agree with John Holmea in the comment below, you republicans are the most stupid people on the planet. Hey, we will visit you in the overcrowded hospital with a vent shoved down your throat as you are lying on your deathbed from covid-19. Yes, covid.

  5. You are by far the most stupid people on the planet. Keep going though, please because it’s just stupid Republicans that are dieing at tje rate of 3000/day so please please don’t get vaccinated. Morons

  6. Control that’s what the Democrats want like how they control the Blacks if you Vote for a Republican you are not Black ask Bidden that’s an Insult to All Blacks the Democrats want to take away your Choice that Jesus gives you stand up for your Rights


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