BREAKING: Wife Of Antifa Activist LEAKS Medical Records Of Trump Supporter With Cancer

(Republican Insider) – The wife of an Antifa terrorist — they are a terrorist group, not an activist group, regardless of whether or not the FBI agrees — located in North Carolina has illegally leaked information about the health of a Brian Talbert, a prominent Trump supporter to her husband.

According to Infowars, Talbert, who is the leader of the “Deplorable Pride” movement that is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and is also a very high-profile supporter of former President Donald Trump recently sat down for an exclusive with National File to talk about the harassment and privacy violation he’s suffered through due to the miscreants in Antifa.

In January of 2019, Talbert went to the March for Life Rally in the city of Charlotte. Right across the street from him, participating in a party that celebrated the “birthday” of Roe v. Wade was local Antifa activist Andrew Woods (pictured at top).

Woods shouted across the street to Talber in an effort to get his attention. “You’ve got some pretty interesting medical history Brian,” Woods stated. Talbert was shocked by the statement, as he had been getting treatment for cancer at the Levine Cancer Center in Charlotte for two years, a fact that Woods should not have known.

“Last month, Talbert was finally able to make the connection as to how Woods had gained access to his medical information. Talbert came across the TikTok page for Wood’s wife, Amber, and found videos of her that he says proved she had worked at the same clinic where he was treated. After contacting Atrium Health, he says he discovered that Amber, another antifa member and self-described “witch,” had accessed his medical records a total of twelve times over two years, which if she is charged, could result in multiple felonies. National File understands that she was fired as a result of her actions,” the report says.

“Woods is well known for regularly engaging in violent anti-conservative and anti-white rhetoric. On his TikTok page, @standupfightbackclt, “jokingly” demonstrates the best way to “stab these crackers,” with a box of Ritz standing in for white people in the video. In 2019, he was fired from his job at a pizza restaurant in Charlotte, after Talbert exposed that he had called for “brutal harm” against all white Republicans who supported President Trump,” it continued.

Woods had recently been celebrated as a hero by radical leftists for launching attacks on pro-life protesters in a TikTok video which went viral on the app and on social media platform Twitter, getting around 4 million views at the time this piece was written. Woods actually describes himself as a “criminal” on his own social media profiles.

Talbert then went on to share more stories about the oh so tolerant left, telling National File that Antifa members have slashed his tires and broken out the windows on his vehicle. They’ve also done “thousands of dollars” of damage to his house as well.

“They hate the fact that I don’t back down to them,” Talbert stated. “I’m not going to cower to these people.”

He then went on to encourage others who think they might have been doxed by Woods or other members of the Antifa terrorist group in the state of North Carolina to contact Atrium Health and ask for them to audit their medical records.

No one should have to go through this kind of bullying and harassment over their political beliefs. The fact the left constantly participates in this sort of behavior tells you everything you need to know about them and what they want for the future of our country.

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  1. Hate & evil ignore kindness & thoughtfulness. Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Evil doesn’t care about any of this.

  2. We, the people, must pressure our congressmen and senators to have ANTIFA and BLM declared what they are, terrorist organizations.

  3. With the ever increasing ignorance of public officials and law enforcement, who seem to be sympathetic to antifa & blm, I fear that there is only one way to get the point across to these filthy dirt bags.
    Also, the fact that arrest and prosecution has proven fruitless, due to deranged politics, lead poisoning may be the only way. Lock and load patriots it’s just about time….


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