BREAKING: Will Biden Install Kamala On Supreme Court?

(Republican Insider) – There’s a brand new rumor going around the Internet and mainstream media outlets concerning who Joe Biden might try to nominate to the Supreme Court after it was announced this week that Justice Stephen Breyer would be retiring from the bench, and boy, it sure is a terrifying thought.

And that rumor is that Biden might nominate his current vice president, Kamala Harris, to take the open seat on the highest court in the land. Honestly, it’s doubtful if Harris can even spell Constitution, let alone sit on a court where she’s supposed to defend it.

However, Harris does happen to tick all of the boxes that Biden imposed, as a candidate, when he promised that he would be sure to nominate a black woman to the bench. Harris has Indian and Jamaican parents.

According to WND, the real reason for nominating her to the position might not have anything to do with her qualifications, but rather with the idea that Biden could be searching for a way to get rid of her as the vice president and that this particular search has been going on for a while now.

“Even CNN recently had released a lengthy analysis of Harris’ performance, which interviewed dozens of sources and found that ‘exasperation and dysfunction’ are prominent in the Biden White House when it comes to the nation’s second-in-command,” the report stated.

CNN also said that key presidential “aides” have already “largely thrown up their hands at Vice President Kamala Harris and her staff – deciding there simply isn’t time to deal with them right now.”

“And, CNN explained, Harris is frustrated that she’s been given a number of dead-end assignments that can only undercut her prospects for a political future. After all, she’s failed to produce any significant results on the border crisis, to which she was assigned by Biden, and the Democrats’ elections-takeover strategy, which Biden also gave her,” WND reported.

Harris’ approval ratings have somehow managed to come in significantly lower than Biden’s, with some polls showing her as being as low as the 20s.

Business Insider said that a panel on Fox News immediately “floated the unlikely prospect of President Joe Biden nominating Vice President Kamala Harris.”

Network anchor Harris Faulkner said, “Race is at the heart of just about everything we see from the left right now. It is so much in the nomenclature of politics that are most divisive in America right now, not bringing us together. Would this further divide?”

“So this person has to be a woman, she has to be black and she’s gotta be younger. Anybody thinking what I’m thinking? They don’t know what to do with Kamala Harris in the White House right now. And I can’t be the only person seeing this,” she remarked.

Kayleigh McEnany, former White House press secretary, went on to say, “Politically speaking, if you are not happy with the vice president and you want her in a different role, there’s no greater role than the Supreme Court.”

If Harris were to be nominated, there would definitely be a few complications. As of right now, Harris is the tie-breaker in the 50-50 Senate, and it’s not clear at the moment if she would be able to vote for herself if there were to be a tie in her confirmation.

Her departure from the office of vice president would “set off another time-consuming and politically costly confirmation fight in the Senate to confirm her replacement as vice president,” the report stated.

“At Breitbart, a report explained that other names of possible nominees included Leondra Kruger of the California Supreme Court; and Ketanji Brown Jackson, a district judge in Washington,” WND reported.

The report went on to say, “Nominating Harris could also help Biden and the Democrats solve the problem posed by Harris’s unpopularity. Biden faces questions about his mental and physical abilities, raising doubts about his ability to run for reelection in 2024, or even to serve out his term. Harris is even more unpopular than Biden, however, making her an unpalatable replacement for Biden.”

“By nominating Harris to the court, Democrats could create an open slot in the vice presidency — and while they still have control of Congress, all it would take to confirm a successor to Harris would be a majority vote in both Houses, according to the 25th Amendment to the Constitution,” the Breitbart report continued.

“Harris is the first female vice president and highest-ranking woman official in U.S. history. She previously was a prosecutor and attorney general in California, as well as a senator from that state. She ran for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020 but her campaign collapsed before the primaries even began,” WND pointed out.

So is this likely to happen?

Who knows?

Stranger things have gone down over the course of the last several years. One thing is for sure. Harris is one of the most unpopular politicians in the history of our country, and that isn’t likely going to change anytime soon.

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