Censored: YouTube Removes All Copies Of President Trump’s CPAC Speech, Issues RSBN Two Week Suspension

(Republican Insider) – Last weekend, President Trump gave a speech on Sunday at CPAC. It was his first public speaking event since Jan. 6 and it was wildly popular. He raked in over 30 million streaming views across numerous platforms.

CNN reported that 5.8 million viewers tuned in to watch on Fox News while another 1.5 million watched on Newsmax. Trump’s speech was the most watched cable TV event during the month of February and even beat out the Golden Globes that aired later that day and was watched by 6.9 million viewers.

On Monday, the Gateway Pundit reported Trump’s viewership on various YouTube channels, “Right Side Broadcasting 3.7 million; The Independent 1,000,000; The Hill 906,000; Reuters: 902,000; News Now 818,000; ABC Australia 352,000; SKY News 222,000; ABC News 208,000;FOX 35 Orlando 50,000.”

Naturally, since the speech, YouTube has removed it from their platform. Surely, nobody is surprised by this.

Right Side Broadcasting revealed on Thursday that YouTube has deleted their exclusive video of the speech which had nearly 4 million views. YouTube didn’t stop there, however. The Big Tech authoritarian also issued RSB a two-week suspension for airing the speech live.

During the speech, President Trump reiterated the fact that the election was stolen and that he rightfully won. This is a belief that tens of millions of fellow Americans believe yet it’s now prohibited speech.

We’re not allowed to, under any circumstances, discuss the obvious widespread election fraud that took place during the 2020 election.

YouTube took the video of Trump’s speech down anywhere it was posted including from other outlets like the UK Independent, which had over 1 million views, as well as Fox, Fox Business, ABC News and the UK Sun.

So much for freedom of speech.

In RSBN’s announcement of their suspension on Thursday, they noted that they foretold the removal of the video by YouTube and wanted to make sure viewers knew it was not their doing and that they would never censor Trump.

“President Trump talked about election fraud. That’s a big no-no on some platforms we stream to. We try to play by the rules, but we will not censor President Trump. We’re not going to remove or edit this video. Just so we’re all clear- if it gets removed, we didn’t do it.”

RSBN also noted that YouTube would have allowed the speech to stay up had they provided “countervailing viewpoints” and essentially called Trump a liar. They made it clear, however, that they agree with the things President Trump said during the speech.

Big Tech is never going to quit their blatant censorship of political opponents. Now that China has officially installed their globalist puppet Joe Biden, we can only expect to see more and more CCP-style censorship and tactics.

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    • I am so fed up and angry with this “Cancel Culture” going on, not only deleting Trump’s speech, but not allowing Dr, Seuss books to be sold, and on and on. I hardly recognize this country anymore. The founders are probably turning over in their graves at what is going on today in our country. I write my representatives, but in all honestly they are on the democratic left and I don’t they even get my comments; if they do, they don’t care.

  1. YouTube along with most other social media platforms are communists. Their masters, ( the democrat party ) will use them to enslave all American citizens. It’s plain as day. What do we do? Actively form Patriot groups or join an existing organization.

    • You must do research on CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergs. The Swamp pivots on these three groups and CIA appears as yet another layer of control. I point this out as Tri Rockefeller had early OSS/CIA experience and was involved with paperclip.

      check these authors: Sutton and Estulin, on Est, look at his work on Tavistock and Bilderbergs. Sutton and Wood, two old timers, look a most of their material but start with Tri over Washington. Also, check Gary Allen’s work on several topics but begin with None dare call it an Conspiracy.

      We have to study; much MORE factions involved but you have already enough to work with.

    • I quit Twitter because they deleted or suspended comments by Donald Trump.. I never thought our country would come done to cancel free speech. Who does Twitter (and FB) think they are? our socialist leaders? I would quit FB except it is the easiest way to keep up with many people I know. I had a wonderful 8th grade history teacher. She was such a patriot. If she were still here she would be so upset. It is not Covid scare that I am afraid of as much as the Biden administration and this cancel culture. I hope someone in our government wakes up and helps us resume to our culture of freedom and free speech.

  2. You Tube: read history. Know history. You dummies are repeating history, the worst of it. You are imitating the nazis regime. It should scare you. It scares me. Get a grip and soon.

  3. We the people are losing our rights one by one. We must stand up against the onslaughts of the radical left or risk losing all of our constitutional freedoms completely. Never in my scariest nightmares did I think our country and the Democratic Party would sink to the dangerous and destructive ideologies of socialism and communism. We must pray and stand up for freedom before our liberties are no more!

  4. November 6th we officially became a 3rd world country! China Joe, the Democratic Party and the Communist’s finally got Trump out of the way. They cooked up the COVID pandemic together knowing they’d be able to flood the U S with millions and millions of unsolicited ballots. Now the tariffs will be lifted and business as usual with China raping us. Basically open borders and dependent on foreign oil. Gas has already gone up over .50 since China Joe stole the election. Just one question, how could a man lose a election by 8 million votes that won 330 electoral with 66 million votes? It should’ve been a landslide victory receiving 75 million votes? My neighbors’ father cited 3 times in West Virginia. Only problem? He’s been dead for 8 years?

  5. Correction, won with 303 electoral votes and My neighbors father voted 3 times in WVa and he’s been dead for 8 years.

  6. I don’t recognize my country anymore. I served, fought for and spilled blood, including my own, for this country which is now governed by pathetic bastards that aren’t fit to clean the mud off my shoes. They (the Democrats) sold us citizens out. It’s all about power and control. The USA is unrecognizable today. The fuse has been lit and who knows what’s going to happen…. Joe Biden is not my President.


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