Chairman Cuts Ted Cruz Off, Stops Biden SCOTUS From Answering Damning Question

(Republican Insider) – Democrats are desperate to get Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. She’s exactly the radical leftist they’ve been dreaming of installing on the Court for years.

Republicans are doing their jobs during the confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee but Democrats are hell-bent on protecting Jackson from their questions and justifying her awful answers.

Democrats began the hearings with confidence that Jackson could withstand any line of questioning but after just three days, it was clear that even they recognized that Jackson answering Republicans’ questions was not only bad for her but bad for them too.

Committee chairman Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D) was adamant about cutting off Texas Senator Ted Cruz while he was attempting to ask Jackson a question so that Jackson did not have to answer.

The question Cruz was attempting to ask was in regards to her lenient sentencing of child porn offenders.

In a video from Wednesday, the final day of questioning, Durbin forced an end to Cruz’s line of questioning and did not even leave the floor open for Jackson to answer.

During the exchange, Cruz asked Jackson about her sentencing in the case of United States v. Stewart in which, according to The Daily Caller, she had sentenced a man convicted of possessing 6,700 child porn images who had allegedly wanted to cross state lines with a 9-year-old girl to only 57 months in prison.

According to federal minimum guidelines, the man should have been sentenced for at least 97 months with a maximum of 121 months.

Durbin called time on Cruz, which resulted in Cruz angrily pointing out that Durbin had “taken over a minute of my time.”

“OK, I know you want to interrupt because I know you don’t like my line of questioning,” Cruz said.

“I know you like to interrupt, but you have consumed a substantial question of mine at the time of my questioning and I’m gonna ask my questions and if you want to testify, you’re welcome to.”

After he asked questions about United States v. Stewart, Durbin interrupted again.

“You’re not recognized, senator,” Durbin said.

“You don’t want her to answer that question?” Cruz said. Durbin responded and said Cruz would not allow her to answer.

“Mr. Chairman, she may answer the question I’ve asked her. Why she said Stewart, an egregious—”

“You’re going over the time, senator, by two minutes,” Durbin continued.

“Because you’ve interrupted me for two minutes, Mr. Chairman. Will you allow her to answer the question or do you not want the American people to hear why, with someone she described as egregious—” Cruz continued. “… Will you allow her to answer the question?”

He wouldn’t, moving on to Delaware Democrat Sen. Chris Coons.

“Chairman Durbin, I’ve never seen the chairman refuse to allow a witness to answer a question,” Cruz said. Durbin then began banging on his gavel.

“You can bang it as loud as you want! Apparently, we’re very afraid of the American people hearing the answer to that question,” Cruz said in conclusion.

Jackson never did answer the question and Durbin, apparently, did not want her to. That is how disgusting Democrats are and how badly they want a radical leftist like Jackson on the Supreme Court.

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  1. Consider her question about the sex of a woman. Does she know what sex she is? How can such a person take office in the highest court in the land.
    Her unwillingness to protect children and willingness to protect child predators is unforgivable.
    Boot her out the door! America has enough moral and social ills.

  2. its as plain as you can see that she is constantly avoiding to answer the questions by using up the questioners time with her nonsense. how can this bitch not know what a women is, all she has to do kis look what is between her legs! if she has a vagina she is a woman and if she sees she has a penis then she is a man! there are no inbetweens. she is a liar and a fraud and i will vote to nominate her as jackass queen.

  3. Please call the Senate 202- 224 -3121 Ask for the your Senators. MONDAY
    Say– No to Judge Jackson appointment to the Supreme Court.
    Reason: Judge Jackson gave the minimum amount of jail time to 8 individuals that had large numbers of pictures, videos of children.

    A child in the United States is a person under 18 years old.

    Would you listen too, look at video’s, pictures and share information concerning sexual actions between an adult person towards a 9 month old child?
    Would you listen too, look at and share pictures and video’s of actions of an adult beating, and/or tying up children under age 5 years old?

    This was the subject manner in the 8 cases that Judge Jackson gave the minimum legal jail sentence.

    The number of pictures were from 100 to 600 depending on the case.

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