Clinton Lawyer Drops Shocking Threat Against House Republicans, Issues Sick Retaliation Announcement

(Republican Insider) – Democrats know they are facing an inevitable landslide defeat come the 2022 midterm elections. Americans have made no secret of their disapproval of the job they’re doing along with their disapproval of the puppet president and his VP handler.

Americans are being crushed by soaring inflation, forced into taking the ineffective, unsafe COVID jabs, are still being censored and silenced by Big Tech, and are concerned about the border crisis, still, all while Democrats in Congress obsess over the Jan. 6 riot that they claim was an “insurrection.”

It’s safe to say that Republicans are going to win big this year. Besides, Democrats can’t win fair elections. That’s exactly why Democrat legal strategist Marc Elias is currently threatening legal action against House Republicans who were involved in organizing President Trump’s Jan. 6 speech that took place just prior to the Capitol protest.

Elias, who infamously served as Hillary Clinton’s general counsel during her failed 2016 presidential campaign, claimed in a tweet last month that Republicans who “engaged in insurrection” should be disqualified from running for office in 2022 under the 14th Amendment.

“My prediction for 2022: Before the midterm election, we will have a serious discussion about whether individual Republican House Members are disqualified by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment from serving in Congress. We may even see litigation,” Elias tweeted.

“I am making clear that members of Congress who engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States are not eligible to serve in Congress. The fact that this is so triggering to the GOP speaks volumes,” he added.

Elias claims that Republican lawmakers are “triggered” by this as if they are scared or nervous. The reality is, it’s absurd for anyone to suggest any members of Congress attempted to plan an “insurrection” especially when not a single protester arrested in connection with the riot has been charged with anything related to insurrection.

Elias is just desperate to help the Democrats maintain power and control any way he can. Just like how he helped concoct and propagate the entire Russian collusion hoax.

He’s also been working overtime as the driving force behind dozens of Democrat lawsuits in 19 states which sought to overturn voter fraud protections and expand mail-in voting practices in the 2020 presidential election.

Elias knows exactly what it takes for Democrats to “win” elections and he’s proven he’s all-in.

Steve Bannon sees Elias for exactly what he is and warned that the GOP shouldn’t take their advantage going into midterms for granted because Elias is ruthless.

“He’s pure evil, but man that brother is smart, tough. He’s the standard. We gotta match that guy. This is not about winning 10 or 15 or 20 seats and taking over the House. This could be a landmark in American political history,” Bannon said on “War Room” last month.

“If you want [Ilhan] Omar [and] all these people out of your lives, get a 100-seat majority and then you never have to listen to them anymore …. We have a monumental chance, like in 1932, 1994 and 2010. This is a breakpoint in American history …. And establishment Republicans … don’t have the guts to stand up to the Mark Eliases of the world.”

“This is what I admire about the Democrats. They’re pure smash-mouth all the time. [Marc Elias] is now saying that he’s going to start suing guys around the country on the Constitution saying that you’re an insurrectionist so you can’t even run in certain districts. This is the sort of smash-mouth I admire. I admire that. He’s crazy, but he’s a fighter,” he added.

The Republicans would do well to heed Bannon’s warning and fight fire with fire. America is literally on the line. It’s time for the GOP to get some backbone and fight as hard as the radical left has been fighting to destroy this country.

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  1. A cornered rat will viciously fight to the last
    It may be time to find some dirt in this rat’s life. Scrupulous people often leave a trail of casualties in their wake.
    It’s time to start digging.

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