CNN Gives The Bad News To Biden: ‘It’s Best To Be Honest About Reality’

(Republican Insider) – Listen, if you come across a mainstream media network or publication that willingly states President Joe Biden is doing horrible in his reelection campaign, you can safely assume he’s doing even worse than they are letting on. You have to remember that these companies are not objective in the slightest. Their main mission is to create propaganda that pushes forward the progressive agenda and helps get Democrats elected. If they are actually doing their journalistic duty and exposing their own, well, things are very, very bad. Biden is a goose that is essentially cooked, despite being months out from the general election.

“According to FiveThirtyEight, on average, former President Donald Trump has managed to stay ahead of the incumbent president in key states, though the margin of victory greatly varies,” Connor Cavanaugh of The Western Journal reported. “Looking at individual polls, instead of averages, shows even more chaotic turbulence.”

CNN has made it clear that Trump is ahead and Biden has fallen behind on all the issues that really matter. People are sick and tired of going to the grocery store and spending double what they used to in order to get the same amount of food and supplies. There’s a lot of us who are out of work and finding it difficult to get a job that pays enough to make up for the exorbitant cost of living. Much of this is the result of Biden’s policy failures.

During an episode of ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS,’ on CNN, Zakaria laid it all out on the table for his viewers, saying, “As someone worried about the prospects of a second Trump term, I think it’s best to be honest about reality.”

He then issued a warning to the Democratic Party stating that “Trump is now leading almost all the swing states.”

“He noted issues like the conflict in Gaza and the economy have created massive rifts in the party, an issue that Democrats are still actively grappling with. Economic issues in particular are hamstringing Biden, as the generally poor state of the economy affects all people across all political persuasions. The CNN host also talked about polls looking overall unfavorable for the aging Delaware politician, specifically with progressive Democrats,” Cavanaugh wrote.

“I understand that polls are not always accurate, but in general, they have tended to underestimate Donald Trump’s support, not overestimated,” he said on his show. “I doubt that there are many shy Biden voters in the country.”

Other issues such as third-party candidates and worries about the mental fitness of the president on the job have made his chances of being reelected slim.

“The one that troubles me most concerns the question of who is more competent,” he told his audience. “Biden led Trump by nine points in 2020, but Trump now leads by 16 points in 2024. That 25-point shift could be a reflection of people’s sense that the president’s age is affecting his capacity to govern.”

And then Zakaria delivered a punch to the gut by saying, “If so, there is very little that Biden can do to change that perception.”

Nailed it.

Things are definitely not looking up for the president and it isn’t only his haters who are talking about it. His own campaign is not getting the level of success they were anticipating when they turned up the heat this year.

As the CNN host stated, “trendlines are not working in Biden’s favor. He needs to do something bold and dramatic to seize the initiative — on asylum policy for example — and reverse these numbers.”

“Look, nobody with a shred of honesty is trying to call the November election in May, or to suggest that Trump is guaranteed a victory,” Cavanaugh penned, going on to add, “By that same token, however, nobody with a shred of intelligence can look at all these early signs and suggest that Biden’s path to victory isn’t becoming a longer and longer shot by the day.”

If things continue on a downward trend like this, the chances of Trump getting another term certainly go up, but as Cavanaugh remarked, we’re too far out right now to make any sort of call with certainty. And we should never underestimate the ability of the left to lie, cheat, and steal in order to win an election. Anything can happen between now and November.

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