CNN Makes Painful Admission About Biden

(Republican Insider) – What we’re about to discuss in this piece is going to absolutely leave your jaw on the floor. The world’s leading purveyor of fake news coverage, the network that hounded President Donald Trump during his administration constantly about the now totally debunked Russian collusion nonsense, actually analyzed how Joe Biden has handled the economy, coming to the conclusion that things are so bad the Democrats are likely to experience historic losses come November.

According to WND, the network’s leading anchor, Jake Tapper, noted the results from an ABC News/Washington Post poll during his program “The Lead.”

The poll revealed that 68 percent of those who were surveyed disapprove of Biden’s job performance concerning inflation and gas prices. When you see how much people are paying to fill up their tanks, it’s no wonder so many folks are ticked off at the current administration.

“That is a very, very, very, very, very bad number,” Tapper said in a massive understatement.

“He emphasized that, according to a Quinnipiac poll, Americans regard inflation as the most urgent issue facing the country at a rate three times higher than abortion and four times higher than immigration,” WND reported.

“A Gallup poll found 85% of Americans rate the current economic conditions as only fair or poor, which is the worst evaluation since 2010. And 77% believe it will get worse,” the report continued.

“These are historic numbers,” the CNN reporter went on to say, adding “it’s likely to hurt Democrats in this midterm.”

“Twitter user Joe Maxonn, a self-described ‘life-long Democrat’ with 5,000 followers on the platform, expressed his displeasure Tuesday with CNN’s coverage of Biden,” the report said.

“I watched CNN most of today. They are really down on the President,” he stated in his post. “I was just watching Jake Tapper, they should all just sell out to Murdoch. CNN will not be on in my house again.”

If that doesn’t make you “LOL” for real, what will it take to get you to crack a smile? We’re watching, in real time, the utter failure and deconstruction of the Democratic Party and its radical agenda. Nothing could be more satisfying.

Joe Biden has made a mess of the economy and the country from the very first hour he took office. His very first action was to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline, and we are now suffering the awful impact of that decision right now, with gas in the Midwest region being over $5 a gallon. That’s obscene.

And rather than take some sort of action to help ease this burden on Americans, Biden continues to do nothing, watching inflation skyrocket out of control, which has led to a massive increase in not only gas prices but also in the cost of overall goods people need to live.

People were so desperate to get rid of Trump due to his “mean tweets,” they ignored the good he did for the nation and we are literally paying for it right now.

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  1. #! Joe Biden did not win the 2020 election.
    #2 Piglosis & Schumer were already using the uncontrolled ‘drop boxes’ to accumulate votes, none of
    which could be validated.
    #3 The idea that Biden received 80 million plus votes in the election while being hidden out in the
    basement in Delaware was and is laughable. That silly bastard couldn’t even draw more that 15
    people to either one of his ‘rallies’ if he had not counted the folks on the cameras. ( those in charge
    of pulling this puppet’s strings, knew they had the support of the communist-controlled news media)
    #4 Think this could not happen? As early as 1962, the CIA was quoting the president of Russia in this way:
    “We will take over the United States without firing a shot. We will get control of the media, we will not
    nominate a communist in the U.S. presidential elections. The democratic party is already more socialist
    than we are in the Soviet Union. In Russia, if you receive a monthly stipend, you work for it. In America,
    If you want money, all you need to do is, as a teenage girl, get pregnant and the government will take
    care of you and your baby’s needs. The following year, if you want an increase in government support,
    just have another kid out of wedlock. No country can long endure this level of socialism. We will just
    take over the democratic party because Americans will accept us as progressives or liberals.”
    #5This CIA agent continued to show how The communist would take over our land: “We will gain control of the colleges and Universities and this will spread our ideology.”
    #6We will create disrespect for your law enforcement .
    #7We will create complete disrespect for your courts system.

    • BC, are you reading my mind, are you psychic? You are repeating nearly ALL my points on the “BIG LIE”, which actually was confession by the Democrats that they stole the election, so they’re pointing fingers to distract everyone from the truth.

  2. The Liberal Media and the Democrat Party are in for a rude awakening.
    They bet on the American people being stupid and complacent.
    They figured that if we all acted as sheep during the Co-Vid crisis, the midterm elections would be a piece of cake.
    Their heads are in the clouds, or up the lower opening of their alimentary canal, and have no clear view of reality. Hence, they will be shocked in November. Please, Remember In November. Show them that their view of the world is obscured with their visions of Unicorns farting rainbows. Let us give them a dose of reality. The current Administration, and its Soros bought legions are NOT a match for those of us who are ruled by facts and logic. Be true to yourself and the country you love. Remove these despicable tyrants from the halls of Congress. Let’s restore America’s Greatness before it is too late.

  3. Here’s a secret I shall share.
    It can be yours, if you dare!
    Brainwashed heads are not so clean.
    Their owners be awfully mean!
    Fight ‘em back ‘n don’t despair.

  4. You know how when an important official steps up to the mic to speak, then answers questions? The cameras are clicking wildly, the reporters shouting over each other, the drama is thick as pudding.
    Do you get that sense from Biden? Ever? Do you listen to every word, or change the channel in 8 seconds? That’s the leader of the free world, the Commander-In-Chief of the most powerful military on earth. The man who falls down stairs, falls off bikes, falls in the polls.
    I’m counting to 25. Amendments that is.

  5. <I am so ticked at the jackzzparty and the big lie and the biden criminal family and the corrupt government and the <ntel institutions, fbi, cia, doj. and their leaders. from holder to obama to rice, to the hitlery, to strock & page, to Meuller, to Baarr, all who colluded in this cabal all of these who brought on ths calamity upon our country. Im just angry enough to curse, say mean mean things about them. Our great beautiful country, almost destroyed in 2 freacking yrs due to the lies, ignorance, incompetence and CORRUPTIOn of these communist democrats and some rinos. Its truly S

  6. BC… “The New World Order” is here now! On 5/23/2022 World Economic Forum (WEF) founder and Executive Director Klaus Schwab stated quote: “Let’s also be clear: The future is not just happening. The future is built by us, a powerful community – you, here in this room. We have the means to impose this state [of the future] on the world,” Schwab’s video was later posted on Twitter.

    Remember, only one shot was fired, it killed one of us an unarmed Patriot and… it came from within. Let’s face it, the Democrats have performed the perfect Coup d’état! We are currently a Totalitarian Repressed State with an unknown Dictator! The question now is what will the citizens response be? YES…. “They” are scared!  Hence “Their” frantic push for gun confiscation.

  7. Stopping the Keystone pipeline has virtually nothing to do with the rise in gas prices. NOTHING!
    The KPL is bringing EXTREMELY contaminated oil from Canada to be processed in US Gulf of Mexico refineries. Even if that gas immediately after processing was made available to US consumers, it would be a drop in the bucket as to lowering overall US gas prices. The pipeline had temporary construction jobs for several thousands but full time staff for operations would have been under 100. The oil to be processed would have been extremely toxic and extremely excessive in harmful emissions to the air in the Gulf area, regardless what the oil companies would say about their emission controls. Environmental impacts at many sections along the pipeline were EXTREMELY environmental nightmares. All this pipeline was is a benefit to big oil and its lobbyists to extort more profit from their refineries. You need to do a little more research and less listening to the politicians whose pockets are lined with cash from big oil and its lobbyists


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