Congresswoman Demands Answers On Trans Insanity From Biden Admin

(Republican Insider) – The Biden regime is intentionally working to completely destroy American society and they don’t even deny it.

During a recent congressional hearing, US Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) attempted to ask Biden’s Health and Human Services chief Xavier Becerra some questions that he dodged answering altogether.

In her line of questioning, Boebert wanted to know if tax dollars were being used on body-mutilating surgeries for children and whether or not men can get pregnant.

Becerra all but refused to answer these questions proving just how deranged the Biden regime really is.

“This is absolutely disgusting,” Boebert asserted during an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, adding, “This is not only repulsive but it’s child abuse.”

She continued, “It’s a sad day in America when the secretary of HHS uses his position of influence to promote gruesome gender assignment surgeries on children.”

Boebert described Becerra’s refusal to answer her questions as “pathetic,” and said she asked him about parents “who don’t want to mutilate their children – if they are at risk of having their children removed from their home.”

“He didn’t have an answer,” Boebert stated. How scary is that? Despite Becerra refusing to answer these important questions, Boebert isn’t done trying. According to the Washington Examiner she’s fired off a “pointed three-page query” to Becerra “regarding his stance on transgender medical care, particularly for children.”

Every American should be outraged by the HHS Secretary’s refusal to answer these questions concerning whether or not the federal government is supporting body mutilation for children with American tax dollars.

“You, sir,” Boebert wrote to Becerra, “are first and foremost a public servant and the American people deserve to know what their government is spending federal monies on. Instead of attempting to answer my questions in good faith, you danced around them and refused to directly answer them. This might be cute in some circles, but the American people are not amused.”

During the hearing, Boebert also asked Becerra if he believes men can get pregnant and how he determines if someone is a man or a woman as well as whether or not doctors who refuse to perform body-mutilating gender surgeries on children could face legal ramifications.

None of which Becerra gave a straight-forward answer to.

“Will you be issuing regulations providing clear and robust protections — as multiple courts have ruled are required — to doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and hospitals whose deeply held religious beliefs prevent them from providing experimental gender transition treatments?” she asked in her letter.

He was given 15 days to answer.

The transgender ideology is ripping apart the moral fabric of our society and it’s being used intentionally by radical leftists for that very reason.

Studies have proven that those who undergo gender-altering surgeries attempt suicide at a rate much higher than the general population. They also show that if gender dysphoria is not acted on, it resolves itself and those who experience it go on to live normal, happy lives in their birth gender about 80% of the time.

The impact of these surgeries and other medical procedures are permanent and irreversible and leave patients with incredible mental trauma.

Never mind all of that though. The left wants people to “live their truth” no matter the cost.

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  1. It’s clear they are dodging the questions because of their ruin America agenda. Only God can save them from their own disgusting actions.

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