‘Country Is Going To Hell’: Trump Goes On Live TV After SOTU To DESTROY Biden (VIDEO)

(Republican Insider) – President Trump is making his presence more and more known with midterm elections coming up. As we would expect, Trump had a lot to say about Joe Biden’s absurd State of the Union address on Tuesday.

During a phone conversation on Fox Business’ “Mornings with Maria,” Trump made it clear to host Maria Bartiromo that he wasn’t impressed with Biden’s pandering and lies.

“What he said was just so bad for our country,” Trump told Bartiromo, pointing out that Biden didn’t even talk about high oil prices and inflation or offer any solutions.

“They want to raise taxes!” he declared. “And how do you do that? I’ve never heard of people raising taxes getting elected.”

“But he wants to raise taxes. That will totally kill the economy — totally kill it,” Trump asserted.

Biden’s address was mostly a promotion of his fraudulent regime complete with totally false claims as he has done literally nothing positive for the US that he can discuss.

President Trump isn’t the only one unimpressed with Biden. His approval ratings sit at an abysmal 37%, according to a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll. However, President Trump doesn’t even think his approval rating is actually that high.

“I don’t believe 37 percent,” the former president said. “Because if you believe that he’s got a 37 percent, that means that 37 percent of the people in this country approve of the job he’s doing. How can you do that when the country’s falling — going to hell. Our country’s going to hell.”

He highlighted soaring crime rates in Democrat-run cities and the ongoing crisis along the southern border which is only resulting in more criminals in the US.

“And these are some really bad people, including terrorists, by the way,” Trump told Bartiromo. “We’ll be paying for that for a long time, that open border.”

Everything President Trump accomplished that was good for the US and good for Americans has been dismantled, destroyed or reversed by the Biden regime. Trump made note of that, saying, “We had the strongest, tightest border in the history of our country a year ago.”

“You tell me it’s 37 percent, Maria? I don’t believe it,” Trump said. “I don’t believe it. I don’t believe 37 percent of the people would vote for him.”

Though Trump has yet to make an official announcement of his intentions regarding the 2024 presidential election, he remains a powerful force within the GOP.

“We had a very big night last night that nobody talks about either, in Texas,” he told Bartiromo.

“I endorsed 33 candidates – many of whom were not favored — I endorsed 33 candidates, and every one of those candidates either won and won easily, like the governor, like the lieutenant governor, et cetera — they either won and won easily or they’re very substantially leading and they’ll have a primary and they’re going to win in the primaries,” Trump said.

Trump has a certain arrogance about him that can be a turn off for many, however, is it really worse than the absent-minded, struggling Joe Biden who can’t even formulate coherent sentences on his own without the help of a teleprompter? Not to mention how much better the world was with Trump in the White House.

The Biden regime is an international embarrassment and we’d have to agree with President Trump, there’s no way 37% of Americans would vote for Biden after his disastrous first year.

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