Democrat Auditor And Supporter Of Bernie Sanders Says ‘Arizona Audit First Real Audit Since Election — They Built A Computer They Knew Would Cheat’

(Republican Insider) – A Democratic progressive and big time fan of Sen. Bernie Sanders, John Brakey, recently made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” program on Tuesday where he chatted about the current audit happening in the state of Arizona.

According to a report from Gateway Pundit, Brakey is the co-founder and director of a group known as Audit USA. During his appearance on Bannon’s show, he stated that this particular audit is the first real audit to be done since the election took place in November.

“There really hasn’t been any audits. It’s no different than an emissions test by Volkswagen passing an emissions test on a diesel car,” Brakey stated.

He then told Bannon that the leftist “elites” managed to build “a computer that they knew would cheat.”

Here’s video footage of the interview:

The Arizona State Senate used its subpoena power in order to take into their possession all of the 2.1 million ballots cast in Maricopa County, along with the machines that counted them, plus computer hard drives that contain massive amounts of data.

All of these things were then handed over to the Cyber Ninjas, which is a consultancy company based out of the state of Florida.

Former President Donald Trump recently predicted that the audit happening in Arizona is going to reveal massive voter fraud and would then likely prompt other audits and reviews in other key battleground states he lost in the election.

“Thank you State Senators and others in Arizona for commencing this full forensic audit,” the former president stated. “I predict the results will be startling!”

“There’s a lot of Americans here, myself included, that are really bothered by the way our country is being ripped apart right now,” Doug Logan, the owner of Cyber Ninjas, told reporters Thursday night. “We want a transparent audit to be in place so that people can trust the results and can get everyone on the same page.”

“Cyber Ninjas plans to have teams of three people manually count each ballot, looking only at the presidential and U.S. Senate contests, which were won by Democrats,” a report from the Washington Times said.

Logan went on to reveal that the counters are actually members of law enforcement and the military, along with a few retirees. He did not reveal how many of these individuals were Democrat and how many were Republican.

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