DEMOCRATS HIT PANIC BUTTON: TX Primary Results Suggest Massive Red Wave Is Coming!

(Republican Insider) – Turnout for the Republican primary in the great state of Texas surged Tuesday, which is definitely a concerning sign for Democrats who might be set to experience a rather massive red wave come November, one that is likely to sweep across the entire nation.

According to WND, 300,000 more Republicans showed up to vote in the Texas primary this year than in 2018, with the turnout for Democrats remaining pretty stagnant.

Data reveals that just over 1,050,000 Democrats voted in the primary for the gubernatorial race, which was considered a foregone conclusion for the ever eccentric Beto O’Rourke. By the way, calling him “eccentric” is just a nice way of saying he’s a complete and total weirdo.

Compare that with the more than 1.9 million Republicans who cast a ballot in the gubernatorial primary, which nearly doubles the election turnout from Democrats.

In comparison to their numbers from 2018, Democrats remained virtually the same.

“The primary turnout could bolster predictions of a 2022 red wave, with some political pundits speculating the election could see Republican gains on par with historic midterm sweeps, like the ones in 2010 and 1994,” WND says.

The primary saw two big surprises.

Attorney General Ken Paxton will now face off against George P. Bush in a May runoff after he failed to secure the 50 percent vote threshold to win the GOP nomination.

“Democrat Henry Cuellar will face AOC-endorsed progressive Jessica Cisneros in a May primary after failing to secure 50% of votes in the primary for Texas’ 28th congressional district,” the report says.

“Cuellar is considered one of the most conservative House Democrats. He has supported some pro-life legislation and border security measures — both ideas largely unheard of in a party known for its support of unlimited abortion and open borders,” WND continues.

Gov. Greg Abbott defeated primary challenges from two big names in the conservative movement, Don Huffines and Allen West, with ease.

O’Rourke, who is known as a passionate advocate of stripping gun rights, won the Democratic nomination for governor without facing any real competition.

“O’Rourke will face pressing questions from freedom-loving Texans, having waged a presidential campaign on the basis of forcibly seizing the legal firearms of American gun owners in 2020,” WND’s report says.

The Republican Party is really striving hard to flip the Rio Grande Valley region in South Texas, as they have made some serious political gains with Hispanic voters in that area.

We need to have a red wave in Texas. As Texas goes, so will the rest of the country. If we want to successfully battle against the radical leftist agenda, we need Texas on our side. This is a state we must keep an eye on and hope that conservatives take home some big wins.

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