Desperate Democrats Bring Out Panicked Al Gore To Launch Assault On Arizona Audit As Officials Get Ready To Release Preliminary Evaluation This Week

(Republican Insider) – You know the left is getting desperate when they drag former Vice President Al Gore out of his little corner of the universe to try and launch a political assault against the current audit that’s happening in Arizona concerning ballots cast in the 2020 presidential election.

The question we all need to ask is why the Democratic Party is so scared right now? Believe it or not, the answer is quite simple. Individuals who are involved in the Arizona audit are supposed to release their preliminary evaluation this week and the left is terrified of what is going to be revealed.

That fact made them so nervous and frightened they turned to Al Gore. The revelations to come from the evaluation must be massive in scope.

According to Gateway Pundit, Gore went on to say during a recent speech that he’d been trotted out by the Democrats to give, that the audit is an “alternate reality.”

Gore also said the audit in Arizona is a “foolish exercise” and then added that he hopes “this craziness” will “fade over time.”

“This is very damaging to our democracy. I’m hoping that this craziness will fade over time, but we keep getting this nonsense like this foolish exercise to bring in some ‘cyber ninja’ group in Arizona to look for bamboo in the ballots. It’s absolutely nuts,” the former vice president said.

Gore then went on to say, “The refusal of the former president to acknowledge that he lost by 7 million votes – it wasn’t close, for God’s sake – and apparently a majority of his party is still so enthralled to him that they still believe that the American people did not make the judgement that they clearly made.”

“We hear about A.I. standing for artificial intelligence. [Republicans] are putting another kind of A.I. out, artificial insanity. They’re putting out messages that create an alternate reality,” Gore continued.

It seems pretty clear that Democrats are scared to death of having this information put out for the public to see. But the Good Book says that what is done in the dark will be dragged out into the light. You can’t get away with something like voter fraud forever.

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  1. Al Gore is now going to be the savior of the democrats as they try desperately to stop the election audits that are being done in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and a few more states. Once again, here is the question we want the dems to answer – IF THERE WAS NO VOTER FRAUD IN THE 2020 ELECTION, THEN WHY ARE YOU SENDING IN ARMIES OF LAWYERS AND OTHER DEMOCRAT OPERATIVES TO TRY AND STOP THE AUDITS??? If the dems have not done anything wrong in 2020 then let the audits be completed and you dems can say – see, there was nothing wrong done. But no, you dems are scared to death that your voter fraud will be brought into the light and then there will be the wrath of the American citizens that you will have to endure! You see, we know that wrongs were done just by the way you dems are trying desperately to cover it up. When all evidence is released, there will be some people who will need to answer for the illegal votes that were cast. Scary for you dems, huh!?!?


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